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Patch 9.1 Hotfixes – August 3, 2021

Patch 9.1 Hotfixes – August 3, 2021

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Items and Rewards

  • Shards of Domination
    • Shards of Domination can no longer be inserted into an occupied socket.
      • Developers’ notes: We’ve made this change to prevent accidentally losing a shard by inserting another shard in its place without extracting it first. You can purchase a Soulfire Chisel to extract embedded shards from Bonesmith Heirmir in Korthia for 2500 Stygia.
    • Fixed a bug which counted critical overhealing towards Winds of Winter’s accumulated value. Only effective healing and damage are intended to count towards the effect.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Torments
    • Phantasmic Amalgamation’s spawned with Unstable Phantasma no longer spawn near the party members on a lower floor if there are party members on a higher floor.