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Patch 9.1 PTR – Chapter 2 Main Quest and Unlocking Flying

Patch 9.1 PTR – Chapter 2 Main Quest and Unlocking Flying
Today we are checking out Chapter 2 of the Chains of Domination storyline! Finishing this portion of the story, which likely opens up in week 2 of the patch, will allow you to fly in the original four Shadowlands Zones. You cannot fly in the Maw even with flying unlocked. *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

Chains of Domination – Chapter 2

  • Tal-Galan, your liaison in Korthia, has brought to your attention that the jailer’s forces are attacking the outer reaches of Korthia in an attempt to infiltrate the city’s vault. He believes the Jailer is after something important, and enlists the help of the Necrolords to figure it out.
  • Just down the hill from the main Korthia hub is Scholar’s Den. Here, you must help Bonesmith Heirmir repair an Anima conduit while rescuing Keepers and slaying Mawsworn.
  • Repairing the Anima conduit provides you with fragmented keeper records that you need Tal-Galan to coalesce to learn the truth of what lies in the vault. The records show the image of the Maldraxxus’s Primus, who realized the Jailer’s plan and gave his sigil to the Keepers in Korthia for save-keeping in the vault. The message ends with him saying that if the Jailer gets all 5 sigils nothing will stop him from…but it cuts off. You must find additional conduits to decipher more of the message.
  • The location of the next conduit is across a chasm. You must collect 50 anima-infused bones from nearby wildlife and activate a beacon to find cracked records. The cracked records reveal the next part of the message, which finishes the sentence that nothing will stop the Jailer from reaching the Sepulcher when he has all 5 sigils. The Bonesmith tries to ask about the Sepulcher, but Tal-Galan says it is not to be discussed. You hook-shot across the islands and protect the Bonesmith from a devourer while she repairs the next conduit.
  • With both conduits repaired you should be able to enter the vault. You take a flayedwing over to find the Necrolords engaged in combat with the mawsworn outside. You must help rescue some keepers and defeat more mawsworn here before the keepers open the way to the vault.
  • Inside, Tal-Galan begins to open the door, but you are interrupted by Jailer forces. After dispatching them, the last record of the Primus indicates that he is going to bind his sigil with another form of magic as a failsafe, but the message ends before you learn how.
  • The sigil appears before you and Tal-Galan opens a way-stone back to camp after claiming it. Upon showing the sigil to Bolvar, he reveals that it has been bound together with memory magic. He suggests that you present the sigil to the Runecarver in Torghast as he is familiar with this magic.
  • Presenting the sigil to the Runecarver merges it with him and he returns to his real form, the Primus of Maldraxxus! The Jailer takes notice of this and tries to stop you. You must defend the Primus from the Jailer’s forces, but Anduin enters the fray and manages to get the sigil from the Primus. The Jailer lets you live, apparently so he can see us all bent to his will.
  • You reconvene with the Primus in Korthia and discuss how to keep the Arbiter’s sigil, the only one left, from falling into the Jailer’s hands. The Primus says that the covenants have grown stronger, but much must be done for them to remember their true purpose and find their futures. Only then can new sigils be forged to pursue Zovaal. Completing this ends the chapter and awards you with Memories of Sunless Skies, effectively unlocking flying account-wide in the Shadowlands!