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Patch 9.1 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 5 The Power of Night

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Patch 9.1 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 5 The Power of Night
Today we are taking a look at chapter 5 of the main campaign in Chains of Domination. *Spoilers Ahead*

  • Upon returning to Korthia, you find a message from Ardenweald sent by Ysera. She requests your presence at the Heart of the Forest.
  • Ysera tells you that Huln has managed to find leads on two night warriors in the Shadowlands. He wants you to meet him in Maldraxxus.
  • When you find Huln, he says his hunt has led him to discover a former night warrior in Maldraxxus. You search each floor of the Sepulcher of Knowledge for tomes to find out who it is, discovering many traps along the way. At the top, you discover that your quarry is a member of the House of Eyes named Khaliiq, who shows herself and asks why you are looking for her. Huln explains that Tyrande Whisperwind is a Night Warrior from our world that is in dire peril. We have been searching for former Night Warriors to help her. Khaliiq says she will help, but not before her current mission is complete. Huln heads to Revendreth to continue his search for other Night Warriors.
  • She says that you require Baroness Vashj’s approval for her to help you as she is currently in the middle of a mission that could be swift with assistance. You find Vashj at the Seat of the Primus who says that Khaliiq can aid you once she purges Kel’thazad’s loyalists from the House of Rituals. Khaliiq says that Zelmany is trying to gather forces loyal to Kel’thuzad so they might help him in his next plot, and we should look for clues to his location to slay him. She also asks Vashj if she knew Tyrande in life. Vashj says that she knows Tyrande is hard to kill, but focus on the mission.
  • You do some busywork at the House of Rituals, killing loyalists and finding clues before discovering the location and slaying Zelmany. You then meet with Margrave Sin’Dane. Lady Moonberry suddenly pops in a message to alert you that Huln has gotten in some trouble and needs your help. She tells you to meet her in Revendreth. Khaliiq heads to Ardenweald to await you.
  • You find Moonberry at Dominance Keep, who says that the Stonewright isn’t letting anyone into her territory because of the recent Dreadlord invasion. Moonberry and Cudgelface have a plan to disguise everyone and search for Huln.
  • You are made to look like a Stoneborn and head through the area avoiding being seen by guards. Moonberry sings about it briefly before Cudgelface tells her that doesn’t happen here.
  • Eventually you find a caged Mal’ganis, who tries to convince you to help him get free. Moonberry tells you to go along with it, even though you have no itnention to free him, and you collect sigils of binding around the area. You tell the guard how easy it was to collect these, and she thanks you for alerting her. Moonberry asks if she has seen any incidents lately, and she informs you that something happened on the wall, but the honorguard brought an end to it.
  • Cudgelface thinks he knows where Huln is being held. Mal’ganis says you will regret your betrayal, and Moonberry scoffs that he can’t take a joke.
  • You arrive higher up to find you are late for an anima harvest. You play along, and are told by Cudgelface that they expect you to extract anima from a wrathful soul. Moonberry demands the soul to tell us about the bad stuff it did, but it refuses. Cudgelface says this place is about wrath and anger. Moonberry acts angry, and he corrects her saying its about the soul’s anger, not hers. You try again, this time Moonberry pulling some psychological breakthrough on the soul by asking it about the loss of its mother and correlating that to him causing quite a few dead mothers himself. The stoneborn who tasked you with this job returns, and you find out from her that Huln is nearby.
  • Up ahead, you discover that the Stonewright is about to throw Huln into the Maw. You arrive just in time, and after a cutscene you explain to her that you are looking for Night Warriors. You find out that she was, in fact, a Night Warrior in life. She agrees to help, but warns you that Elune’s wrath is not easily quelled.
  • Back in Ardenweald, you and the former Night Warriors take supplies to the Grove of Awakening to complete the ritual. Tyrande is here, and you spread the items around her, and then perform a ritual. During this time, Tyrande’s power becomes too much to control and you have to help subdue her, which leads to an unimplemented cutscene that eventually cleanses her with the help of the Winter Queen…and others.
  • The Winter Queen reveals that Elune is her sister, and is relieved to discover that her sister has not abandoned her after all this time. She suggests you take Elune’s Tear (which is now here after the cutscene).
  • As you grab the Tear, Shandris mentions that what she has seen this day she can scarcely believe. Tyrande says she is herself again, and was present for every moment, and yet outside herself. Shandris says there was so much beauty in Elune’s voice, and sorrow as well. She also wonders what the Winter Queen meant when she spoke of a purpose for the souls of their people. Tyrande says Elune did not tell her yet.
  • You hand the Tear of Elune to Ysera, and another unknown cool event happens before the chapter ends.