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Patch 9.1 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 6 A New Path, Super Squirt Day EU

Patch 9.1 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 6 A New Path
Today we are taking a look at chapter 6 of the main campaign in Chains of Domination. *Spoilers Ahead*

  • Thenios is now in Korthia discussing what happened to Uther with the Primus. Bolvar has seen a vision of a vault hidden in Torghast where the Jailer keeps valuable souls. Thenios thinks part of Uther’s soul might be kept there as souls can be shattered when killed with these blades and enough rage. He wants you to retrieve it so he may help Uther be fully mended.
  • What follows is a story scenario through a new section of Torghast called the Ossuary of the Banished. On floor 3 you kill Keeper Hazaduum and then enter the portal of souls that appears to retrieve the remnant of justice.
  • You then meet Thenios at the Temple of Wisdom is Bastion to find them discussing the matter of not being able to forge a new sigil without a Paragon of Loyalty. Uther says he might be of help with the forsworn forces. You place the remnant in front of him, but an unimplemented scene shows it isn’t that simple. His memories have been shattered and twisted, and must be fixed by experiencing his past once again. You must use the soul mirror to aid Uther in reliving his past life.
  • You are then put into a scenario in Stratholme where you play as Uther. You kneel before Archbishop Alonsus Faol as you make your commitment to the three tenets of respect, tenacity, and compassion. By inspecting a grain sack nearby, Uther starts to recall the fateful day with Arthas where he purged Stratholme. You must then slay some of Athas’s forces and cleanse grain sacks before Uther realizes these two memories are not one in the same. Adrestes remarks that Uther’s grief and regret still haunt him, as does Arthas.
  • Upon leaving, they suggest digging deeper. The next memory shows the day Arthas became a paladin. Arthas is showing signs of doubt in his ability to be a paladin, and you spar with him while Uther laments his past and feels responsible for reassuring Arthas and putting him down the path that eventually caused so many innocents to die.
  • Back outside, Kleia asks Uther if his wound still hurts. He says it might always hurt, and asks your aid in dealing with one more memory.
  • This last memory is of the moment of Uther’s death. You must kill some scourge and rescue citizens while Adrestes wonders why this memory is where Uther lingers. Uther says that he did not follow the virtues, especially compassion, and instead faced Arthas as a bitter foe. Adrestes says confronting this memory has taught him more compassion than any scripture could, and Uther laments not trying to save Arthas.
  • Pelagos says that these troubled memories can be forgotten in time, but Uther says that they are reminders of lessons learned and he would never let them go if given the choice. Adrestes takes this to heart, and says to meet him at Elysian Hold to speak with the Archon. Fallen Disciple Nikolon of the forsworn flies in and asks to speak. He says the forsworn never sought war, but says their own brethren cast them out and refused to listen. Adrestes agrees, and apologizes saying that Uther has taught him much this day. Bastion must follow a new path. Kleia suggests they accompany you to the hold to find a way to unite.
  • There is an unimplemented cutscene at the hold, and Adrestes then tells you to meet him at Steward’s Rest. to help convince the rest of the forsworn. You complete some tasks here with Uther and Nikolon, and Uther apologizes for leading Nikolon astray. Once everything is completed, you meet Adrestes at the Citadel of Loyalty. He says loyalty should no longer be demanded, but a virtue that is earned.
  • Adrestes wants to use anima to rededicate the temple, but fears a mawswon attack and asks you to protect him. He shouts out that from now on, none shall be forced to sacrifice their memories. It will be a decision respected by all kyrian. You dispatch the mawsworn, and with a new age for Bastion created and the forsworn reunited with the kyrian, are asked to return to Elysian Hold.
  • There, you witness what seems to be Adrestes becoming the new paragon. Kleia asks Uther what happened to Arthas, and he reveals what he and Devos did. Pelagos says that since the Arbiter wasn’t able to judge Arthas’s soul, he may yet be redeemed. Uther isn’t sure, and it isn’t his choice to make. Pelagos says now that he has seen the Maw, he is unsure if any soul deserves that torment, but he has learned that all souls must be treated with compassion.

Super Squirt Day (EU)
Squirt the Wandering Trainer is up today in the Garrison on EU realms! The Pet Battle Bonus Event is also active this week, which means you can level pets very fast. If you have the Safari Hat or a Lesser Pet Treat then you can use the strategy below to level pets from 1 to 25 in just 3 minutes. Alternatively, you can use other setups highlighted on Xu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategies.

For EU realms the next Super Squirt Day will be on October 19, 2021.
For NA realms the next Super Squirt Day will be on July 12, 2021.