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Patch 9.1 PTR – Mythic+ Rating System Updates

Patch 9.1 PTR – Mythic+ Rating System Updates
The new Mythic+ Rating System has received a few updates in the last PTR builds.

  • Mythic+ Score is now displayed in colors based on the player’s progression.
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    • 0-479 Rating
    • 480-959 Rating
    • 960-1599 Rating
    • 1600-2359 Rating
    • 2400+ Rating

  • Players can hover over the group leader/applicants to see their total mythic+ score, as well as the score for the dungeon listed in LFG.
  • The highest key completed is also shown in parentheses, colored white if completed within the time limit, or grey otherwise.
  • The points system has also received a little update, completing a 14 key in time awards the same points as completing a 15 key outside the time limit.