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Patch 9.1 – Torghast, Tower of the Damned Changes and Additions

Patch 9.1 – Torghast, Tower of the Damned Changes and Additions
Torghast is undergoing a major overhaul with the launch of Patch 9.1. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect!

General Changes

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  • The total number of floors per run is now 5 (was 6).
  • The Tarragrue will now be terrorizing players in the Sanctum of Domination and as such, there is no longer a death counter barrier for continuing your run.
  • Bosses no longer regenerate health after they have defeated you.
  • New Scoring System and Perks
    • You are now scored based on performance after successfully completing a run. At the end of the run, your score will be ranked and you will be awarded with Tower Knowledge, which can be spent at The Box of Many Things to acquire permanent Perks and grow stronger, which will allow you to combat the enemies in Torghast even quicker.
    • Save souls and defeat the Jailer’s forces to become Anima Empowered, allowing you to more effectively crush your foes through a variety of combat and score bonuses.
  • New Layers
    • Four new and more challenging Layers have been introduced, Layers 9–12.
    • Layers are now unlocked by reaching a specific rating in the previous Layer’s run.
  • New Bonus Floor: Adamant Vaults
    • Brave adventurers who make their way through Layers 9–12 efficiently will now be given the option to enter the Adamant Vaults, a new set of floors in Torghast. There they will be challenged against the new creatures and traps that lie within for a chance at even greater rewards.
  • Torments
    • Starting at Layer 4, Torments are applied to increase the challenge of the run.
    • Torments are displayed on the HUD and provide an additional challenge to overcome.
    • Torments are selected per wing per day.
    • The existing Torments are no longer applied.
  • Blessings
    • Through Tower Knowledge, you can unlock Blessings that will provide bonuses to your run.
    • Like Torments, Blessings are selected per wing per day.
  • Soul Ash
    • The amount of Soul Ash that is awarded for the first completed run of the week for any given Torghast Wing and Layer has been increased.
    • Repeat runs of previously completed Torghast Wings and Layers will now award partial Soul Ash.
    • Players that have unlocked Layer 9 of Torghast will now be able to transfer Soul Ash at a slight loss to another character on their account by seeking out Bonesmith Heirmir in Korthia.

Talent Tree System
Torghast will now reward players with Tower Knowledge at the end of each run which can be spent in a new talent tree to unlock perks and advantages inside Torghast. This functions relatively similar to the talent tree for Horrific Visions in Battle for Azeroth.

You unlock the Box of Many Things in the Runecarver’s area as you progress through the initial stages of 9.1. This is the location of your talent tree.

For a complete rundown of the available perks and their cost, check out our initial preview!

The first thing you will notice upon starting a Torghast run is a bar that fills whenever you do certain things in Torghast, such as killing mobs, freeing souls, and destroying urns.

When the bar fills past the white line, you and your paerty receive an extra action button that you can activate to empower your group. The duration increases the more filled the bar is when activated.

Activate Empowerment – The party becomes Empowered for up to 30 sec, increasing Haste by 10%, Leech by 15%, and movement speed by 20%. While Empowered, all actions grant 100% bonus points.

Scoring System
There is no longer a limited amount of deaths that can occur in a Torghast run before it ends. You are given the important rewards at the end of a run just for completing it.

However, there is now a scoring system that occurs at the end of each floor and then a total score at the end of the run, granting you a crystal rating 1 through 5. The score is based on how well you performed during your run and incentivizes doing well. Unlocking new layers is tied to this score and you receive additional Tower Knowledge for higher scores.