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Patch 9.2.5 – Dark Ranger Grey Skin and Red Eyes, Hunter Transmog, and Quest Chain

Patch 9.2.5 – Dark Ranger Grey Skin and Red Eyes, Hunter Transmog, and Quest Chain
Blizzard has surprised players with a quest chain leading to reward unlocks in Patch 9.2.5 that wasn’t available on the PTR. *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

Completing this chain will grant the title “of Lordaeron” and new dark ranger grey skin and red eyes customization options for Night Elves, Blood Elves, and Void Elves.

Furthermore, if you complete the questline on a Hunter then you will be able to purchase a dark ranger transmog set. The Ensemble: Dark Ranger’s Attire costs 1000 gold and can be acquired from Outfitter Reynolds in Trueshot Lodge (Hunter Class Order Hall).

Dark Ranger Customization Examples

Dark Ranger Transmog Set

Return to Lordaeron Quest Chain

  • To begin the quest chain, you must simply seek out Calia Menethil in the Enclave of Oribos and accept the Return to Lordaeron quest.
  • She explains that the Forsaken are seeking to reclaim as much of Tirisfal Glades as they can from the blight, but wonders what her place is among them. She asks you to meet her there. Luckily, her mage assistant will provide you with a teleport.
  • After speaking with Talia at the inn in Brill, you must then go outside and gather three important Forsaken characters around the town.
  • Dark Ranger Velonara will also ask you to slay 8 Blighted Soldiers in the area.
  • When they are all gathered and the soldiers are slain, you can then meet back at the inn for the congregation. The group wants to get rid of the blight, but will need a pure sample to do so. Calia suggests visiting the plague-lords in Maldraxxus for help.
  • You then meet Talia just outside and protect her from harm while she provides a shield for you to enter the blight and collect a sample.
  • You must then head to the House of Rituals in Northwestern Maldraxxus, where Calia will ask Margrace Sin’dane about the nature of undeath. You discover that the act of raising the dead, whether it by power of death or the light, is the same. She then suggests you head to the House of Plagues in Southwestern Maldraxxus to seek the aid of Plague Deviser Marileth.
  • There, you must test the effects of different plagues on your minion while defeating slimes in the area. Finally, you must then slay the Lordaeron Blight that manifests from your plague sample.
  • You can then had back to Brill. Luckily, the quest provides you with a hearthstone that teleports you there.
  • Just south of where you arrive, your next goal is to mount a plaguebat and drop plague-eaters from the sky. The bat will be on auto-pilot and you must simply spam the first ability and use the second to drop bombardments on targets below when you fly over them.
  • When you complete this, a giant plague monstrosity appears and you must defeat it from your bat by spamming your third ability and fourth whenever it comes off cooldown.
  • With Lordaeron restored, the Forsaken form the Desolate Council as their new form of leadership.
  • Completing this quest will pop a new quest from Dark Ranger Velonara next to you that simply has you speak to her to complete it. Doing this unlocks the dark ranger rewards.
  • The last part of the chain has you follow Calia into the throne room for a cutscene, and completing this step grants the Of Lordaeron title reward.
  • Grey skin with red eyes will now be an option for all elf characters on your account, whether by making a new character or utilizing the Barber Shop.
  • Hunters of all races will also unlock the ability to purchase a dark ranger transmog ensemble from Outfitter Reynolds in the Hunter Legion order hall provided you complete this quest chain on a Hunter.