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Patch 9.2.5 Live this Week

Patch 9.2.5 Live this Week
Patch 9.2.5 will be launching on May 31 for NA and June 1 for EU.

*NOTE – Season 4 will not be starting tomorrow. It will launch later this summer.*

Official Patch Notes
Blizzard has released the official patch notes for 9.2.5.

Class Tuning and PvP Adjustments
Several classes are getting some changes and Pvp adjustments in Patch 9.2.5.

Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Tuning
Blizzard is addressing some pain points still found in the Sepulcher of the First Ones encounters with Patch 9.2.5.

Cross-Faction Instances
Blizzard is adding the ability for Horde and Alliance players to do content together through the premade group-finder.

New Blood Elf and Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Quests
Patch 9.2.5 adds additional heritage quests for both Blood Elves and Dark Iron Dwarves, ending with some unique rewards.

New Social Contract
Upon logging in for the first time after the release of Patch 9.2.5, players will need to accept a new social contract and its code of conduct before being able to play.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

Social Contract

Hail, traveler, and welcome to the World of Warcraft!

Azeroth is a living world full of people like you – other players with different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and histories who have all come together to play World of Warcraft. Every player deserves to have a world that they feel safe in, so please take a minute to read our Social Contract.

While in Azeroth, do your best to:

  • Connect with other players and make friends! Being courteous in group content can help you and your teammates have the best time possible. Sending a friendly hello message can help set your group up for success.
  • Play as a team with your fellow players – whether in dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, arenas, or out questing in the world. Do your best to support your team through your communication and behaviors so that you can all celebrate your success together.
  • Assist other players that you encounter in the world. Maybe they need some help defeating a tough monster, or maybe they could use a little healing!
  • Help answer questions others have in chat channels like General or Trade. We were all newbies once – one person offering some help can go a long way!

We recognize that the Internet is not always a safe haven. With that in mind, please note that the following behaviors are not accepted in Azeroth:

  • Hate speech, including negative comments that target another player’s identity, including aspects like race, gender, or ability
  • Harassment, threats, or abusive / derogatory language and behaviors
  • Spamming, advertising, or other disruptive behaviors

If you harm your fellow adventurers with any of the above behaviors, you are subject to punishment up to and including suspension of your account.

It’s a big world out there, with all sorts of people in it. So please try to be respectful of each other, and if you ever feel like somebody is acting against this code, please report those behaviors so that our team can look into it. Together, you can help us make the World of Warcraft a safe home away from home for everyone.

Accept / Exit Game

New Report UI and Character Report Options
Patch 9.2.5 brings a new Report UI where players can provide additional details when reporting characters in-game.

Changes to Renown Catch-Up
Blizzard is changing the Broker Mark of Distinction to instantly increase Renown to 60, as well as increasing the frequency and speed at which you can earn renown.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We do feel it is important that players returning to the game after a lengthy break, or players that switch to a new character, are able to participate in relevant activities in a reasonable amount of time. This did become more challenging as the expansion progressed so The Broker Mark of Distinction was introduced to jump players to Renown 40. This provided a catch-up for Renown without supplementing a character’s progression, similar to gear rewards from quests in new zones.

As we continued to monitor discussions, we’ve seen how one of the most important steps to reach is Renown 60 as that is when all traits are unlocked for all three Soulbinds (from there it is mainly the enhancements that are unlocked). We feel that being able to more easily reach that level of Renown will create a balance between contributing to the most current content and having room for growth on an individual character. Additionally, we want the path to Renown 80 to have a bit more clarity, especially for characters that have already completed the Covenant campaign questlines.

To help achieve this, we plan to make the following changes in 9.2.5:

  • The Broker Mark of Distinction will increase the Renown of your currently active Covenant to 60, up from 40
  • Renown catch-up is accelerated through Renown 60, up from 48
  • These activities will now have a 100% chance to reward 1 Renown upon completion:
  • Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons
  • Torghast Layers 9-16
  • Defeating a Shadowlands raid boss encounter
  • Winning a Rated Battleground

Thank you for your feedback!

All Torghast Wings Available
Patch 9.2.5 brings a neat little change to Torghast, making all six wings be available at the same time. This means that players can complete Flawless Master (Layer 16) in the same week, and can spam Upper Reaches (the shortest Torghast wing) for legendary crafting materials.

New Lore Conversations
Patch 9.2.5 adds two additional “Stay awhile and listen” conversations. Minor Spoilers!

Dungeon Accessibility Updates – Motion Sickness Elixir

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. Motion sickness was a concern when we first talked about the possibility of Grimrail becoming a Mythic+ dungeon. Fortunately, one of our designers came up with a clever solution which he was happy to share in the video below:

As mentioned in the video this is currently a one-off solution for places we’ve identified motion sickness as a concern due to background motion, but we hope it’s helpful for those affected and we’ll keep an eye out for any other places where it might be applicable.

New Music
New music is being added in Patch 9.2.5.