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Patch 9.2 – Cypher of the First Ones Preview

Patch 9.2 – Cypher of the First Ones Preview
The Cypher of the First Ones is optional content coming in patch 9.2. As you adventure into Zereth Mortis, you will work to unlock perks to help you understand the Automa, granting powerful boons that only function in Zereth Mortis and the outdoor zones of the Shadowlands. It also grants you access to unique features such as the Forge of the Afterlives, which is used to craft mounts and pets.

Location – Exile’s Hollow
Currency – The Cypher utilizes a currency called Cyphers of the First Ones, which are collected by doing Zereth Mortis content. Certain perks in the Cypher itself will increase the amount of the currency you cab obtain or open new ways to find more.
Cypher Equipment Level – Spending enough of this currency will upgrade the rank of your Cypher Equipment Level up to a max of 6, which allows higher item level for the cypher gear collected in Zereth Mortis, up to a max of 252 at rank 6.

Note – Unlocking certain perks requires not only the currency, but a research wait time that can be anywhere from instant to days of waiting. Alts have no wait time once your main unlocks the perks.

Cypher Research Unlocks

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Core Systems

  • Metrial Understanding – Activates Pocopoc, and grants access to Lore Concordances in Zereth Mortis. Pocopoc generates 1 Energy every 6 min, up to a maximum of 10. Activating a Lore Concordance will grant a beneficial combat effect to all players within 50 yds for 10 min if you have full understanding of the Concordance.
  • Cachial Understanding – Allows you to attempt to decrypt Caches of Creation. Ask Pocopoc to seek out and mark nearby Caches on your minimap. Successfully decrypting Caches of Creation awards Cyphers of the First Ones.
  • Creatian – Allows Pocopoc to activate Echoed Jiro, granting you increased movement speed, additional Progenitor Essentia from gathering, or reducing the radius at which enemies will detect you.
  • Echial – Allows you to ask Pocopoc to seek out and mark nearby Echoed Jiro on your minimap.
  • Visial – Grants access to the Core Configuration Console in Exile’s Hollow, allowing you to customize Pocopoc’s appearance.

Console Upgrades

  • Aealic Understanding – Grants access to Enhancement Consoles in Exile’s Hollow, Haven, and Pilgrim’s Grace. Spending Pocopoc Energy at an Enhancement Console grants you a choice of temporary powers that work in Shadowlands outdoor areas and Oribos.
  • Altonian Understanding – Allows you to communicate, interact, and quest with various Jiro in the Terrace of Formation and Pilgrim’s Grace.
  • Simlic – Allows you to have 3 powers from Enhancement consoles active at once.
  • Enlic – Reduces the cost of choosing a power at an Enhancement Console to 5 Energy.
  • Tilic – Increases the duration of powers from Enhancement consoles to 30 mins.
  • Elic – Enhancement Consoles new create Crystallic Spheroids instead of Fluidic Spheroids for non-Rare enchancements. Crystallic Spheroids can be used to gain a temporary power as normal, or they can be placed into equipment with Crystallic Sockets. Socketing a Crystallic Spheroid will grant you its power as long as you are wearing the item in Shadowlands outdoor areas and Oribos.

Wildlife Control

  • Dealic Understanding – Allows Pocopoc to temporarily take control of Coreless Automa. Increases your understanding of Lore Concordances. Grants you access to the Synthesis Forge south of Pilgrim’s Grace, which can be used in the discovery and creation of small creatures.
  • Sopranian Understanding – Allows you to communicate, interact, and quest with Automa in the Untamed Verdure, Arrangement Index and Endless Sands. Improves your understanding of the Synthesis Forge, allowing for the discovery and creation of larger creatures.
  • Corial – Allows you to ask Pocopoc to seek out and mark nearby Coreless Automa on your minimap. Allows Pocopoc to communicate with wildlife and asks it to track valuables in hard-to-reach locations. Valuables may include forgotten treasure vaults, or elusive herbs and mineral deposits.
  • Destrian – Coreless Automa controlled by Pocopoc deal 5% more physical damage and have 10% more health.
  • Allian – Increase the duration of Pocopoc’s control of Automa to 5 min. Reduces the cooldown of controlled Automa abilities by 5 sec.
  • Enrian – Increases Pocopoc’s Energy generation to 1 energy every 5 min.

Pocopoc Upgrades

  • Trebalim Understanding – Enhances Pocopoc to allow you to choose an Aggressive or Supportive combat focus, and grants Pocopoc a new combat ability while in one of these roles. Allows you to completely understand Lore Concordances.
  • Bassalim Understanding – Allows Pocopoc to take control of a Coreless Guardian for 3 min. You and 2 party members can drive the Guardian to wreak havoc in Zereth Mortis. Reduces the cooldown of the Guardian’s active abilities by 10 sec.
  • Deflim – Upgrades Pocopoc’s Aggressive ability, Spin Cycle, to also cause Rend. Rend: Enemies bleed for 21,253 Physical damage over 6 sec.
  • Suplim – Upgrades Pocopoc’s Supportive ability, Restorative Light, to also cause Light Barrier. Light Barrier: Pocopoc forms a light barrier around you, absorbing 22,025 damage for 10 sec.
  • Maxlim – Increases Pocopoc’s maximum energy to 12.