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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 1

Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 1
Today we are previewing the first chapter in the main story campaign for patch 9.2 on the PTR. Be aware that this could change before it goes live. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Chapter 1 – Into the Unknown

  • When you first log on, you will be greeted by a message from the Primus asking you to come see him in Oribos. The time has come to resume your pursuit of the Jailer.
  • You speak to him at the Crucible, where he remarks that the Covenants have been renewed, but one sigil is still required to pursue the Jailer, that of the Arbiter’s.
  • Tal-Inmara and the others manifest the final sigil, allowing you to take a portal to Zereth Mortis, the realm of the First Ones, and the very heart of the Shadowlands. It is forbidden to outsiders, but the Jailer must be stopped. Pelagos goes with you at the last second, stating that you shouldn’t make the journey alone.
  • Before you leave, it is revealed that a Nathrezim has been amongst your ranks, and they summon a horde of Mawsworn to attack. The Primus lends you his strength and you fight them off, but your mount is killed in the process. You are forced to fight on the back of one of the mawsworn dragons, eventually killing its rider and using it to go through the portal.
  • You arrive in a strange land. You can walk on water here and the trees are floating. You find Pelagos and explore your surroundings. You find a large gate and some robotic creatures who seem to take no notice of your presence. They speak is musical sounds, and Pelagos can’t understand it.
  • You find some relics to place into two pedestals and open the gate to find a Broker named Firim lying on the ground. He wonders if you are servants of the Jailer, but then realizes that you are far too confused to be Mawsworn.
  • You help him load up his stuff while he explains that he led an expedition to find this place, and succeeded before the Jailer’s forces spread across it like a plague. He also explains that his pack mules are called Automa, which are caretakers left here by the first ones. He suggests that you help him harness their might to use against the Mawsworn.
  • Firim says that as long as you don’t anger the automa they will ignore you. You follow Firim to a nearby vault and extract an automa hand, which causes a guardian to attack. When returning to Firim, Pelagos scoffs that you were attacked, but Firim says taking the hand angered them. He suggests you be more careful.
  • Firim then has you use the hand to activate a nearby console to collect a Repository Treasure, while also collecting intact automa fragments. You stop a mawsworn in the process, and then ride with Firim to a new area. On the way, Pelagos asks if he has ever seen the first ones. Firim says he has not, and that they may be elsewhere now. The Sepulcher here holds the key to remaking the cosmos itself, and the Jailer must not be allowed to enter.
  • You are just outside the entrance of Haven, where Firim’s estranged colleagues have set up home. He is not welcome there, but says that they may be able to help. You are captured upon entering and brought before the elders. To prove that you are the Maw Walker and not a mawsworn, they have you kill mawsworn in the area.
  • After, an unfinished cutscene shows the Jailer and his troops have succeeded in finding what they need and are heading to the Sepulcher. The elders agree to help. They show you to the zone’s waystone, stating that the First Ones left these here as important gateways that only respond to the Maw Walkers destined to save the realms of death.
  • You establish a link between Oribios and Zereth Mortis, allowing the covenant forces to enter. Back in Haven, the elders greet the new forces and exclaim that this was all foretold. You can now work together to stop the Jailer.