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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 2

Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 2
Today we are continuing our preview of the main story campaign on the Patch 9.2 PTR with chapter 2! *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Chapter 2 -We Battle Onward

  • Now having an established outpost in Haven, Bolvar suggests accompanying Shandris to infiltrate the Mawsworn forces from the east at the Forge of Afterlives; a place near Provis Strata. Meanwhile, Darion takes covenant forces and makes a push from the west.
  • Shandris remarks that the Mawsworn movements here seem to indicate that a bulk of their forces are elsewhere. She hides you both in shadow, but tells you to avoid the gaze of the patrolling dreadlords while you infiltrate the enemy.
  • You spy on the leaders at several locations, discovering that the Mawsworn are using dominated automa to tamper with the obelisks in hopes of gaining access to the Sepulcher. They have already destroyed an Obelisk, and it is made known that these power the Forge of Afterlives. The remaining ones must be protected.
  • You reconvene with Darion in the west to slay some Mawsworn and help the covenant forces. You then head to the nearby obelisk to protect it from dreadlords, only to find their commander, Kin’tessa, channeling on it. After fighting off waves of dreadlords, she escapes and you are left to fight with a converted guardian.
  • You inform everyone about your discoveries upon returning to Haven, and are then sent back to the Forge of the Afterlives to help the covenant forces again.
  • When you complete these tasks and return to Bolvar, he believes that your ranks have been infiltrated and sends you back to find the culprit.
  • You approach to see someone that looks exactly like you. Upon engaging them, you discover that it is Mal’ganis in disguise. Jaina and Baina come to help you, and Mal’ganis escapes.
  • Jaina says that Anduin has been sighted near the center structure, and you travel there with the help of her magic. During the trip, Jaina hopes that Anduin is alone and that they can save him from the Jailer’s domination.
  • Upon arriving, a cutscene plays showing Anduin channeling on the Oracle there. The Jailer arrives just as the domination finishes, and the Oracle awaits his request. He tells it to open the way, and the Oracle teleports him and Anduin away to the Sepulcher.
  • Jaina opens a portal back to Haven, and remarks that Anduin’s blade seems familiar, as if a familiar presence is within it. She hopes they can find a way to save him, but for now the path is closed to them.
  • Back in Haven, Bolvar states that we will not rest until we find a way to follow the Jailer to the Sepulcher.