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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 3

Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 3
Today we are taking a look at chapter 3 of the main campaign in Patch 9.2. Keep in mind all of this is subject to change before release! *Spoilers Ahead*

Chapter 3 – Forming an Understanding

  • The chapter starts off with Pelagos suggesting that we turn our attention to the devourers causing trouble in the east. Kleia decides to stay in Haven and watch over things while you assist him.
  • You investigate a bunker called the Cradle of Nascence, discovering something crying for help from the other side.
  • You find an Oracle channeling on the other side, and attempt to understand her. She needs protection from the devourers, which you provide. After dealing with a harvester, she tells you to help restore the Shadowlands by seeking knowledge, but collapses before she can finish her thought. Pelagos suggests you bring her back to Haven.
  • Back in Haven, the elders berate Pelagos for meddling with the Oracle, to which he explains that she asked for their help. They don’t believe an oracle would ever gift her words to his kind, and Pelagos asks you to back him up.
  • Pelagos suggests that we seek out Firim since the elders won’t help, and asks them where he is. They refuse to speak about him, and you are forced to search the area for clues about where he could have gone. You find a letter from an enlightened named Xevveth who says Firim has been seen west of the Forge of Afterlives.
  • On the way to the location, you find an assassin has killed Xevveth in the middle of the road. It flees before you can apprehend it, and find a map to Firim on the corpse left behind.
  • You approach a cave with the same magic used to protect Haven, and enter to find Firim working amongst some automa. His defenses stop you and he comes to investigate, thinking he captured more assassins. He recognizes you, and Pelagos says we need his help. He scoffs that you lead the assassins right to his hideout, and he should be the one that is helped, but lets you in none the less.
  • Firim does not believe an Orarcle would communicate with you, and Pelagos goes to retrieve her while you go outside and reset some traps while dealing with assassins.
  • When you finish, Pelagos has brought the Orarcle to Firim and explains how she got in this condition. Pelagos states that she mentioned a core before collapsing, and Firim says it might be the one they found earlier. An unimplemented scene has him toy with the core, awakening the oracle for a brief moment and turning the core into a small round automa.
  • This automa runs to a nearby cypher console and begins to jump up and down. Firim says he has never managed to get it working, but you are able to start it up. The automa rushes off again, and Firim thinks it might be trying the same on the other consoles around Zereith Mortis. He marks them on your map and tells you to examine them, with him there to accompany you of course. Pelagos stays behind to watch the Oracle.
  • What follows is you chasing the automa to 3 different consoles before it leading you to a cave. You must help save it from a wolf construct before discovering a dormant echoism, which may be the key to helping understand the automa.
  • Back in Firim’s cave, the automa leads you back to the console and you unlock the first part of communicating with them, translating his bleeps into his name, Pocopoc. You also gain the ability to summon him in Zereth Mortis to assist you, as well as unlocking some daily and world quests in the area.
  • You then return to Haven to inform Bolvar on your findings.