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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 4

Patch 9.2 Campaign “Secrets of the First Ones”

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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 4
Today we are taking a look at chapter 4 in the main campaign of Patch 9.2 Be aware that this could change before release. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Chapter 4 – Forging a New Plan

  • The chapter begins with Bolvar telling Uther that the risk is too great, to which Uther responds by saying there will be no further treachery. When you investigate, you are shown the Sylvanas cinematic that was released last month in which Uther tries to help Sylvanas wrestle with her own mind.
  • Bolvar then wants you to persuade the Elders of Haven to assist in finding a way to follow the Jailer to the Sepulcher.
  • Two of the elders refuse, but Elder Ara says she will help if you help her first. She says a pilgrimage is in order, and tells you to meet her above Provis Esper.
  • She wants you to collect 3 Progenitor Fragments as clues while also sabotaging devourers that have taken up residence here in the process.
  • With the fragments in hand you set out for Pilgrim’s Grace, a sacred site for the Enlightened nearby. The elders there should be able to discover answers using the fragments.
  • There, the fragments begin to react and you are told to discover what is causing it. The source is a translocator on a nearby hill, but when you try to use the fragments they just fall to the ground. Ara tells you to seek out Elder Nirav in Pilgrim’s Grace for help.
  • You find him preoccupied and so seek out another named Faruu. He recognizes the fragments as part of a translocator key. From what they have surmised, these channel the energy that flows from the Creation Catalyst to the Forge, but he doubts it can function with the Forge in its current state.
  • Next you talk to Drim, who tells you that the one who can best solve this puzzle is Feroz, but he is missing.
  • Ara says that many pilgrims who ventured to the Catalyst Wards have not returned, which includes Feroz. It is where a lot of the First Ones’ newest creations roam. She sends a messenger to Haven to tell them what we have learned. In the meantime, she wants you to meet her outside the Catalyst Wards to try and find the missing pilgrims.
  • When you arrive, Ara has already found Feroz, but he says the others are trapped inside. The Cultivator there have gone mad and started slaying the pilgrims. You are told to kill it while rescuing the others.
  • Next, you head up towards the actual Creation Catalyst to find the Venthyr forces engaged with the enraged plants there. General Draven says he cannot get close to the tower as it is overloaded with excess Progenitor energy. You are tasked with discharging it while dealing with the crazy plants.
  • With the tasks complete, Nadjia suggests we craft a strategy, to which Draven says the only strategy is for him to go first. He flies off which initiates a cutscene where the nearby automa activate and shoot him out of the sky, causing you to have to stage a rescue.
  • Feroz suggests fighting fire with fire, and hands you a potion he concocted from creation energy. You drink it and grow in size while sprouting thorns and turning green. You also get the ability to hurl creation energy at your targets. You easily dispatch the angry automa with this newfound power.
  • Draven makes it out of harms way and then ferries you up to the tower to activate it and re-forge the key. To do so you must complete a mini game in which you press the correct symbols that appear above the obelisk.
  • With key in hand you return to the translocator at Pilgrim’s Grace to find Bolvar and the others have gathered with Sylvanas. Sylvanas says without the means to resist the Jailer’s domination, we have no chance against him. She says Anduin might be the key if we can save him, but Jaina angrily interrupts, frustrated that Sylvanas is speaking of freeing him after all she has done. Uther calms her down by saying that she may not trust Sylvanas, but she can trust him. With the fight averted, we prepare to enter the Sepulcher and save Anduin.