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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 5

Patch 9.2 Campaign “Secrets of the First Ones”

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Chapter 5

Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 5
Today we are previewing the fifth chapter in the main story campaign for patch 9.2 on the PTR. Be aware that this could change before it goes live. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Crown of Wills

  • The chapter begins after the events of the raid in which we rescue Anduin from the Jailer. Bolvar says that as difficult and painful as it is, we must uncover what Anduin knows if we are to overcome the domination magic of the Jailer.
  • You convene near the Oribos portal where Bolvar asks Anduin if he can tells us anything about the Domination that the Jailer put in our way. Anduin says he doesn’t know how to counteract it, and Jaina reassures him that we will find a way. There is an unimplemented cinematic when you ask Anduin what happened, and Bolvar is saddened by the pain Anduin endured.
  • Bolvar then suggests that we may be able to learn more about Domination from the Primus, seeing as how he created it. He has asked Taelia to bring a piece of the Helm of Domination to Zereth Mortis. Bolvar dreads what may happen if he were to try and carry it again. The Primus appears remotely to explain that Zovaal needed to dominate the automa to enter the Sepulcher, but they did not succumb immediately. If we can use the Helm of Domination, we may discover the source of their resistance. Taelia wonders if we should use it after all the devastation it has caused, but Bolvar is determined that it is worth the risk.
  • The Primus informs you that he originally created Domination as a tool to punish Zovaal. He directs you to test the broken Helm of Domination on someone, and Darion Morgraine volunteers. If it retains enough power, then it can be used to test it elsewhere in Zereth Mortis.
  • Darion goes nuts and attacks you after you use the helm on him, forcing you to subdue him until he is himself again. Baine is relieved that the helm retains its power, even though it remains disturbing.
  • Next, the Primus suggests you test the helm on creatures in Zereth Mortis while Bolvar informs you that an enlightened elder named Eru in Lexical Glade may be able to give insight on the use of the language of the First Ones. On your way, you test the helm on various creatures, most of which attack you outright. The automa chickens actually explode when tested, and the automa Servitors resist for a few seconds before attacking.
  • When you meet Elder Eru, she says that she has dedicated herself to the organization of the various texts in Lexical Glade. She has no idea what any of them say, but suggests you go into the Glade and memorize phrases. Sometimes the language will even change right in front of you. This adaption might lead you on the path to discovering how to resist Domination.
  • After memorizing three phrases, you reconvene with Elder Eru. She explains that the language is not static like most others. It evolves. She suggests you infuse the phrases into the nearby librarian, then test the helm on it and observe the results. The librarian resists for some time before succumbing. After destroying it, Eru explains that the more advanced the language, the more resistant the creature. She sees this test as a success, but you then inform her that you need to completely resist Domination. She suggests you head to the vaults in the Endless Sands and find more phrases. She will not join you, however, as it has been overrun by Mawsworn.
  • You return to the Primus and inform him what you have learned. He says that you should infuse the phrases into the helm and also collect more. Bolvar says he, Taelia, and Darion will meet you at the Endless Sands.
  • When you arrive, you must take out some Mawsworn while collecting inscrutable phrases. When you collect one, Taelia mentions that the phrase doesn’t make sense and it is making her head spin, to which Bolvar explains that the feeling is the quality that makes Domination less effective. A lot of the enemies here are elite, but you can weaken them with the helm. There is some father daughter moments during these quests too as Bolvar and Taelia fight with you.
  • With the collected phrases, Bolvar instructs us to meet him inside the Chamber of the First Reflection in Bastion. He believes there is something to be gained by looking into the experiences of those who have suffered from the helm. Taelia says that she will bring the remaining shards of the helm.
  • Everyone seems to have come along for this experience. Kleia is there to help with the mirrors, Sylvanas says this undertaking is perilous, and Anduin remarks that he will suffer any burden so long as it will help. Bolvar says that an indomitable will mixed with the language of the Progenitors should be the key to help break Domination’s hold. Everyone present has suffered and endured at its hand, and so they will infuse their will into each of the helm shards. He has been assured by the Primus that this will work.
  • Both Bolvar and Darion channel into the mirrors, and you fight off their memory fragments. Bolvar then remarks that he feels lighter and hopes Taelia will see him for the man he is now and not the lone figured locked away in Icecrown.
  • Anduin goes next, but the burden is too much and a great many reflections continuously attack you as he screams in pain. Jaina eventually destroys them all, and Sylvanas remarks that she can see Anduin’s struggle and might be able to offer perspective.
  • A cutscene occurs in which Sylvanas extracts her memories from the mirror, showing the moment she freed herself from Arthas. She doesn’t remember the moment, but she remembers the rush of freedom and the clarity of purpose. When she loosed her arrow, she sought to become Arthas’s judge and executioner, thinking punishing him would absolve her of the crimes she was forced to commit against her people, but there would be no justice for anyone that day. That…is yet to come. This adds her will into the shards like Bolvar and Darion before her.
  • Anduin seems to understand now and is ready to try again. Everyone touched by Domination was able to tap into something to give them strength to resist. You slay his memory burden and his will is added to the final shard of the helm. Sylvanas says this will not end his suffering, but it is a step forward. All that remains now is to take the shards back to the Primus and have him reforge the helm. You are told to head to the Runecarver’s Oubliette in Torghast.
  • There, the Primus exclaims that he did not foresee how much pain Domination would cause when he created it. It is time the symbol of this magic be reforged for a new purpose. Thrall wonders what would stop the new helm from enslaving others, to which the Primus says it will become an instrument of free will. Sylvanas remarks that never again will a Lich King reign in Icecrown. The helm is then reforged into the Crown of Wills and you use it to grant its power to everyone around you.
  • Bolvar says this is a power unlike any he has ever felt, and it will be the key to defeating the Jailer. You return to Zereth Mortis as the Primus says he will keep the crown safe.