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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 6

Patch 9.2 Campaign “Secrets of the First Ones”

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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 6
Today we are previewing the sixth chapter in the main story campaign for patch 9.2 on the PTR. Be aware that this could change before it goes live. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Chapter 6 – A Means to an End

  • The chapter starts with Pelagos telling you to meet him at Exile’s Hollow as something is happening with the oracle. Upon arriving, Firim is exclaiming that he has not encountered this sort of phenomenon before. Some energy seems to be channeling from the oracle, and Pocopoc is acting strange, reacting to what is happening to her.
  • Firim explains that the energy emanating from the oracle happened gradually, and the terrible clamor that can be heard began shortly after. He has been unable to approach the fractals, and suggests you try as you have a special bond with Pocopoc.
  • You are able to absorb the energy, but it is draining on you. Suddenly, the oracle shows you a vision and speaks out in various languages including Titanic, Draconic, Demonic, and Shath’Yar. She is saying the word vessel over and over, and then remarking that “it is dormant above the sands. The song seeks a voice. Ascend. Reclaim. Restore.” She then speaks through Pocopoc, “Wallow. Hollow. No…follow. The mortal shall follow. The vessel, in peril. Make haste.”
  • In speaking to Pocopoc you discover that he is a conduit that she will now speak to you through. Saezurah is her name, and she remarks that a great hunger swarms the sands. What it seeks must not be consumed. She beckons you to follow Pocopoc.
  • You catch up to him channeling on an obelisk, and ask what he is doing. Saezurah replies, “Destruction. Defilement. The pattern in fractals” before moving on to the next channel. You fight off some devourers and ask her why they are attacking. She remarks, “They consume power…but not understanding…” and then rolls away again. When you find Pocopoc again, the oracle says “Atop the spires…the vessel awaits…” You then ask her what the vessel is and she responds, “An absence keenly felt. A vacuum that brings collapse.” She then wants you to kill devourers and empower Pocopoc with Cosmic Energy.
  • Killing creatures nearby causes them to drop cosmic orbs that you absorb for the quest. You are then told to study the Locus Arrangements in the Inner Chamber and use the Locus Shift to reach the Ultimus Locus. This is the first step towards ascension. You enter and examine the first cypher, causing the oracle to explain that every locus has a cypher. If you follow them, the path will be revealed. The devourers did some damage to the Secundus Locus arrangement, and you must clear the rubble to proceed by taking control of an automa.
  • Following this, you must scale the rest of the locus to get each cypher, a process that can be quite annoying as each ascension costs 30 of your cosmic energy and you have to keep killing mobs to replenish it on the way up.
  • At the top you find three locks blocking the door of the Ultimus Locus, and must find three Ingress Phrases to claim the vessel. Inside, you find a robotic husk and the oracle states that “An empty vessel, an absent role. Both must be filled once more.” You then must use Pocopoc to defend the vessel against the devourers by spamming buttons as they approach to fill a bar.
  • Graktho the Automa-Eater, a large devourer, rises up and snatches Pocopoc away and you must then collect orbs and give them to him in order to defeat it and escape. The oracle states, “Energy expended, now restored. Wind rises beneath wings of hope. We soar.”
  • Back in Exile’s Hallow, you speak to Pocopoc and the oracle asks you to bring him to her so that she may be restored. You channel the energy you collected into her body, and she is revived. She says that more is required of you, and explains that a vessel of judgement is required. The missing fractal must be replaced. The geometry made whole. Pelagos asks if she is talking about the Arbiter. She responds, saying all that is Eternal was forged in Zereth Mortis, including the pantheon of death. The vessel is destined to replace that which was lost, but first, the vessel must be filled. Preparations are required. Patience. Perseverance. When the hour is at hand, her song will echo once more.
  • You return to Bolvar in Haven and explained everything that happened. With a new Arbiter, hope might be restored!