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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 7

Patch 9.2 Campaign “Secrets of the First Ones”

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Patch 9.2 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 7
Today we are previewing the seventh chapter in the main story campaign for patch 9.2 on the PTR. Be aware that this could change before it goes live. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Chapter 7 – Starting Over

  • The chapter begins with Bolvar telling you that Pelagos stopped by earlier to give a report and said that the oracle’s preparations are complete, and you are urgently needed at Exile’s Hollow.
  • You arrive to find Firim in the middle of a conversation with Saezurah. He wants reassurance that she believes their task if possible, and she responds by saying that this land IS possibility. Now that you have arrived, it’s time to create a new Arbiter. Without one, the very purpose of the Shadowlands has been compromised. Souls flood the Maw with no direction. Zereth Mortis would ordinarily craft a new being to take the Arbiter’s place, but the Jailer’s forces have disrupted the land to the point where this is no longer possible.
  • In talking to Saezurah, she speaks of a symphony of creation needing voices joined in chorus. One, we possess. The other, we do not. The vessel seeks a soul. One that slumbers in the Crypts of the Eternal. Only with both will the Arbiter sing again. Pelagos notes that the crypts are overrun with Mawsworn, and Kleia assures him that the covenants will help.
  • She flies off to talk to the Kyrian and suggests you ask Firim if he can enlist the help of the Enlightened. He doesn’t believe his compatriots in Haven would dare tread on such hallowed ground, but has you awaken a nearby giant automa named Kbato to help instead. Pelagos and you then head out to talk to the Venthyr, Necrolords, and Night Fae. As you travel, Pelagos reflects on the importance of the role of the Arbiter within the Shadowlands.
  • The covenants are of course all willing to help, and everyone reconvenes at the Deserted Overlook.
  • To push through the Mawsworn, you must slay two dominated oracles, rescue automa scryers, and return motivated automa to Firim. After this, the forces you collect charge on the crypts while you ride Kbato into battle to clear the way.
  • Inside, you escort Saezurah to the center of the Crypts of the Eternal. You then must use containment spheres to seal breaches by ancient tampered souls while also killing corrupted automa and dreadlord invaders. With everything in place, you bring Firim and his scryers to the center area as Saezurah places the empty vessel.
  • You start the ritual, but a dreadlord interrupts it saying that they have waited a long time for this moment, the moment the Banished One’s gambit made manifest. A world-soul twisted by death. A maul with which to crush the Arbiter…and now it shall take the vessel! Argus will be Eternal. He corrupts the vessel with the spirit of Argus, and you are forced to defeat it. During the fight Argus will trap your friends in soul conduits that need to be destroyed.
  • With Argus defeated, he falls over…wondering if it is finally over. Saezurah says there is a pause, devoid of breath. A melody lingers on. The cycle awaits a new voice. You examine the vessel and some of the scryers as everyone seems frustrated by the Oracles’s continuous riddles.
  • It seems that we have failed, but Pelagos says there is still a way. He decides to offer up his soul to become the new Arbiter. Pelagos explains that he has yet to ascend, and this might be the reason for it. Kleia says he doesn’t have to do this, but he is happy with his choice and his new purpose. Kleia gets emotional and embraces him saying that she doesn’t want to let him go. He assures her that their souls are bound as one, and they will never be apart. Saezurah says this new voice, a worthy soul pure and unburdened, is enough. She channels the ritual into Pelagos, and he touches the vessel, transforming into the new Arbiter.
  • Kleia wonders if it is still him ,and he says he is the same, just so much more. His path is clear, and he will take his place in Oribos. Kleia tells him to go in service, and they will meet him there. The pattern is made whole, yet Zereth Mortis is still in trouble. You take Firim’s portal back to Exile’s Hollow. Kleia relents that she thought Pelagos was making a horrible sacrifice, but now sees that he was giving all of the Shadowlands hope. She suggests we go and see him in Oribos. After so long, he has ascended higher than any of them.
  • You request a meeting with him from Tal-Anara, and teleport in as Pelagos is telling Kleia to give his apologies to Adrestes that he could not become an acolyte. She thinks he will understand, and Pelagos then thanks you for helping him find his path. He can now direct the flow of souls to the afterlives they deserve, but tells you the Jailer must be defeated. Everyone has faith that you will succeed. Finishing this quest grants you the legendary belt that has your covenant legendary ability on it. You can wear this with another legendary, giving you the ability to wear two at once.
  • You return to Bolvar and fill him in on everything that happened.