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Patch 9.2 – Sylvanas’s Ending

Patch 9.2 – Sylvanas’s Ending (Spoilers Below)
New voiceover lines that give us Sylvanas’s fate were recently decrypted. They aren’t in any confirmed order, nor do we have all of the context that goes with them.

Pelagos: The time for your judgment is at hand.
Pelagos: Sylvanas Windrunner. There can be no true justice without compassion and I can see your deeds bear the mark of the Jailer’s influence, an influence we failed to contain.

Sylvanas: The Jailer did not control me. My actions were mine alone and I accept their consequences.
Sylvanas: And I do not expect your mercy.

Pelagos: Then, you know in your heart, to whom you must answer.
Pelagos: Entrusting justice to your most fervent adversary.

Sylvanas: Death would be a merciful end, Tyrande.

Tyrande: What game do you play now banshee?
Tyrande: The Sylvanas I hunted would never submit to the blade of her enemy.
Tyrande: Below lies the Maw. An unjust fate, to which you doomed so many. And it will be there that your penance begins.
Tyrande: You will toil there, under Dori’thur’s watchful eye. You shall find and send forth to the Arbiter. Every soul lost in its depths, betrayed or condemned to be judged with the compassion all souls deserve.
Tyrande: Scouring every darkened reach. Until the final soul is free and you are all that remains.
Tyrande: This is how you shall bring renewal to your victims. And my people.
Tyrande: Your newfound remorse might be genuine. But it can never erase all that you have done. There will be no peace for you Windrunner. Until there is peace for the souls of your victims

Sylvanas: It shall be done. However long it takes.

Pelagos: Are there any gathered here who object to this fate?
Pelagos: So be it.

The prisoner is in my charge now
Andu falah dor, old friend. Watch her well.
Bring her!