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Patch 9.2 – The Enlightened Reputation Guide

Patch 9.2 – The Enlightened Reputation Guide
Once members of Cartel A1, the Enlightened have abandoned the pursuit of profit and glory out of devotion to the First Ones. By earning their favor, the brokers may be willing to share the knowledge they have gleaned.

The Enlightened Reputation Vendor
Vilo is located right next to the innkeeper in Haven.

The Enlightened Tabard
Upon reaching exalted with the Enlightened, you can purchase Tabard of the Enlightened for 1000 gold at Vilo.

Vendor Rewards
Notable items include two new mounts, Anointed Protostag Reins and Heartlight Stone. Eternal Augment Rune is this expansion’s infinite augment rune, and Memory of Unity is an account wide unlock to put your second legendary covenant ability on any slot.

Level Type Slot Name Req. Standing Model Viewer
60 Other Font of Ephemeral Power Friendly
1 Other Recipe: Crafter’s Mark of the First Ones Honored
1 Other Recipe: Crafter’s Mark IV Honored
10 Mount Anointed Protostag Reins Revered

1 Quest Memory of Unity Revered
1 Inscription Technique Technique: Contract: The Enlightened Revered
50 Inscription Technique Technique: Glyph of the Spectral Lupine Revered
1 Other Broker Translocation Matrix Exalted
10 Mount Heartlight Stone Exalted

1 Tabard Tabard Tabard of the Enlightened Exalted

60 Other Eternal Augment Rune Exalted

Earning Reputation
The main source of reputation for the Enlightened faction is from Zereth Mortis activities.

Zereth Mortis Quests/Activities
Completing activities in Zereth Mortis will often result in the Enlightened reputation.

Contract: The Enlightened
Upon reaching Friendly scribes can create Contract: The Enlightened for purchase on the auction house which allows you to receive reputation for the Enlightened upon completing world quests in any of the Shadowlands zones.

Reputation Increases

World Quests Bonus Event
Much like in BfA, during World Quests Bonus Event week you will receive 50% more reputation from completing world quests in Shadowlands.

Darkmoon Faire
While the Darkmoon Faire is active each month you can purchase a Darkmoon Top Hat for 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. You can also ride the carousel at the Faire for the WHEE! buff which grants the same benefit. Both of these buffs are lost upon death and do not stack.