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PC Gamer November Issue Cover – Shadowlands & CGI Jailer, Flight Form in Shadowlands

Jenafur Secret Cat – Puzzle Solved

PC Gamer November Issue Cover – Shadowlands and CGI Jailer
The cover for the November issue of PC Gamer features a fully CGI version of the Jailer, possibly suggesting a CGI-rendered cinematic in the future in the likes of the Saurfang cinematics. The cover was initially posted in our forums by user Razaron but has also appeared in the WoW subreddit. You can also find a preview of the issue here.

Shadowlands Beta – Druid Flight Form Now Requires Expert Riding
Druids on the Shadowlands beta are now required to learn expert riding (the first rank of flight riding) in order to use their flight form. Previously, they were awarded expert riding for free when they learned Flight Form. The tooltip states Master Riding, but this is an error as Master Riding is the 2nd rank of flying training.