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Potential BlizzCon 2019 Leaks and Rumors, and trees

We have no idea what we’re doing
We truly want to highlight how impossible it is to confirm or know for sure what will come after Blizzcon, but we do want to point out the more exciting and legit looking theories out there.

  • If everything ends up being wrong, we’ll plant 1000 trees.
  • If some of this is right, we’ll plant 1000 trees anyway.

You should really go plant a tree, because that’s what we’re gonna do.

Potential BlizzCon 2019 Leak (Rumors)
BlizzCon 2019 is less than a week away and Leak season is in full force on our forums and on Twitter with accounts such as WeakAuras leading the charge on the most recent wave of leaks. There have been many supposed leak rumors flying around over the past few months, but recently some more interesting screenshots have popped up and they are worth sharing. These are still very much rumors with no official confirmation so its best to remain skeptical for now.

This year’s Blizzcon is definitely bringing more rumors than the previous years and it looks like we’re in for a big one! We will find out on November 1st when you can tune in on the Blizzcon Live Stream, and it’s still not too late to get your virtual ticket!

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Rumor – Lich King Image and Logo
Two images have been going around the internet recently showing a fully rendered Lich King Bolvar cinematic image and a potential logo for the supposed Shadowlands leak. Neither of these have been confirmed and are simply rumors.


Diablo IV Rumor – Leaked Page Mentions Diablo IV
A supposed image from the Diablo Artbook has been shown around the internet recently, the page mentioning Diablo IV. This has yet to be confirmed as well. (Source)

Overwatch 2 Rumor – Potential Logo
The last image from the rumor mill is a supposed Overwatch 2 logo, but there is no proof to confirm its authenticity either. (Source)