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Realm Connections planned for September 29 (NA), Khadgar Characters Update

Realm Connections planned for September 29 (NA)

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Following regularly scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, September 29, the following realms will be taken offline. During this additional maintenance period:

  • The Exodar and Medivh realms will be connected to the Alleria and Khadgar realms.

As many players know, this connection was previously planned and ran into issues.

On Tuesday, we’ll begin the additional maintenance period for these four realms at 8:00 am. PDT (11:00 a.m. EDT), and the realms will come back online when the connection process is completed, which we’re estimating to be around 4:00 p.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. EDT).

Khadgar Characters Update
The recent bug that caused characters to delevel and rollback in time several expansions has been fixed for most players. If your characters still have issues then you can make a ticket to get them fixed.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker)
UPDATE 9/24 4:35 PM PDT

Good afternoon!

The work on this issue is ongoing, so we don’t have much new information to share other than we continue to fix up characters. Thanks to everyone who has confirmed the return of their character so far. For those who still have characters affected, keep an eye on your character list for changes.

We’ll continue to share updates here as they become available. Thanks!