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Rextroy Soloes Maut Through Berserk, DLC #739

Rextroy Soloes Maut Through Berserk
Rextroy, the paladin known for soloing bosses and breaking the game, has went above and beyond and managed to defeat Maut through berserk and a soft enrage at the same time!

To survive all that damage, Rextroy used damage reductions:

To reach 160% versatility Rextroy had to use versatility gems and enchants, Vantus Rune, Versatility Amplifiers, Ancients’ Bulwark Azerite Trait, Conflict and Strife as Major Essence and Aegis of the Deep as Minor Essence. As for the encounter itself and how he handled mechanics, check out his video with commentary!

Dark Legacy Comics #739
DLC #739 has been released!