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Rextroy’s One Shots – Protection Warrior Shield Slam

Rextroy’s One Shots – Protection Warrior Shield Slam
Rextroy is back with another One Shot video, this time highlighting one of the most broken tier set bonus in Patch 9.2: Outburst – The Protection Warrior 2-set bonus.

This combo is really simple, and it works in Arena! The hardest thing to obtain is the set bonus itself…

We have A LOT of damage modifers for this… here is a list:
20% from the talent Punish
30% from Shield Block
30% from Avatar
15% from mastery benefits (Conqueror’s Banner and Volatile Solvent passive)
25% from strength modifers (Fireblood and Cosmic Gladiator’s Badge of Ferocity Trinket)
20% additional strength from Veteran’s Repute
12% from Plaguey’s Preemptive Strike (soulbind)
6% from Kevin’s Oozeling (soulbind)
200% from Outburst set bonus!
20% from Booming Voice talent
75% (if you crit) crit chance is boosted by Sword and Board PvP talent

I also tried out both Sephuz’s Proclamation for stats, and the Signet of Tormented Kings (20% crit if you are able to proc Recklessness)

The whole combo is just to use everything, including Cosmic Gladiator’s Fastidious Resolve (the PvP trinket that makes you avoid 2 incoming CC effects), you charge the enemy and use Demoralizing shout, followed by a Shield Slam!

If it crits, it will most likely kill the enemy if it doesn’t have defensives active… a non crit does between 50-70% of their health!

I also tried to change the combo a bit and went Night Fae. To do an Ancient Aftershock followed by a Shield Slam… This combo is more reliable crit wise, since you spread the damage over 2 spells instead! You also get access to First Strike for 25% damage boost.

We had a really weird bug happen when a podtender got killed, and the person ressed instantly. I believe it was a bug with the timing of Guardian Angel, just as the Podtender died… However Guardian Spirit didn’t get used up, so it is suspicious… It happened at 7:26