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Sephuz Leaves Blizzard Entertainment, Carbot Animations – The Ancient Way (DiabLoL 2)

Sephuz Leaves Blizzard Entertainment
John “Sephuz” Yang announced his departure from Blizzard Entertainment last week.

  • Sephuz first joined Blizzard in 2011 as a test analyst and later became involved in the development of Diablo 3, working on the Barbarian, Demon Hunter and the Witch Doctor classes through Reaper of Souls.
  • In World of Warcraft, he worked on designing abilities, talents, and items for all classes, and lead the design of the Legendary Items in Legion and the Essence System in Battle for Azeroth.
  • In Hearthstone, he led the design of systems and features such as the progression system, rewards, quests, battle pass, new and returning player experience, ranked modes, matchmaking, achievements, and social.
  • His last work at Blizzard as a Lead System Designer is on an unannounced game, which we’ll hopefully hear more about next year. Meanwhile, we wish John Yang all the best on his next journey!

References to Sephuz can be found in both Diablo and World of Warcraft: Yang’s Recurve, Yang’s Other Recurve, Memory of Sephuz and Sephuz’s Secret. Although Sephuz named the legendary ring after himself, it was actually the last item that he needed in order to complete his collection!

Carbot Animations – The Ancient Way (DiabLoL 2)