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Shadowlands Alpha – Ardenweald Quest Chain Preview

Shadowlands Alpha – Ardenweald Quest Chain Preview
Today we are taking a look at the main story quests for the Ardenweald zone on the Shadowlands Alpha. *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

Chapter 1 – Welcome to Ardenweald

  • When you first arrive there are two faeries having a conversation near a slumbering tirnenn. One, named Lady Moonberry, tells her companion, Featherlight, that this will be a prank to remember. She then notices you, exclaiming that they haven’t seen anyone come through the gateway in a long time.
  • You tell her that you have a message from the Primus of Maldraxxus, but she warns you that the Winter Queen doesn’t have time for pranks, however, she would be more than happy to partake. She asks you to bring a lily to her assistant and then you can discuss things further.
  • You retrieve a nearby lily which spawns a spriggan. Once defeated, you hand the lily to Featherlight and the two faeries awaken the slumbering tirnenn, Zayhad, who recites a rhyme upon waking up.
  • You ask to be brought to the Winter Queen and Lady Moonberry tells you to follow her. On the way, she laments that the queen cannot grant you an audience. Her spirit is spread thin across Ardenweald. The drought threatens the entire forest and for now the Night Fae must act in her stead.
  • At a nearby camp up ahead, spriggan are attacking on a giant moth. Lady Moonberry says she will seek out the queen on your behalf, but would like you to take care of things in her stead while she is gone. She asks you to help her friends with the spriggan problem. You kick the leader off of the moth and defeat him and are then tasked with helping Korenth recover his wildseed.
  • You discover that a nesting Valeshrieker has stolen the wildseed. Korenth also explains that wildseeds are the purpose of Ardenweald. They contain slumbering nature spirits that are to be reborn. He requests your help with the valeshrieker. Featherlight turns you into one and you distract it long enough for Korenth to get the egg, but the valeshrieker turns hostile and you are forced to put it down.
  • Next, Featherlight informs you that the nearby Heartwood Grove is being shut down and not all of their wildseeds are being redistributed. You are tasked with bringing the list of saved wildseeds to Droman Krelnor. Upon arrival, you have to rescue some souls in peril from starving wildlife with the wolf spirit Te’zan.
  • This completed everything on this list in this part of the forest, and Featherlight tells you to meet her up ahead in Tirna Vaal. On the way you find a crying sylvar named Nelwyn who’s grandma fell sick on the way to Tirna Vaal. She is hiding in a nearby cave and needs help. Upon arriving there “granny” turns out to be a feral cat spirit and Nelwyn 3 stacked spriggan playing a trick on you.
  • You arrive in Tirna Vaal to see Featherlight recounting your valeshrieker experience with Lady Moonberry. She informs you that the Winter Queen is actually on her way here and you should be able to have your audience with her.