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Shadowlands Alpha – Bastion Questing Experience Chapters 4 – 6

Shadowlands Alpha – Bastion Questing Experience Chapters 4 – 6
Today we’re taking a look at the second half of the questing story in Bastion! You can find our coverage of Part 1 here! You can also see some screenshots of Bastion here.

The following contains spoilers!

Chapter 4

  • With the fragment of the Paragon in hand, Kleia directs you to meet her at the Mnemonic Locus. She has Pelagos go warn Hero’s Rest that the Forsworn could attack again to which he agrees, telling her to come back to him safely.
  • There, you find a steward named Mikanikos arguing with the image of Locus-Keeper Mnemis. Access to the Locus is currently restricted and only Forsworn are authorized at the moment. Mikanikos exclaims that he is the Forgelite Prime, but the image just disappears and Kleia worries you might be too late.
  • He suggests that you restore the Locus by finding the Locus Manual among the discarded scrolls as well as collecting 12 Centurion Cores from the corrupted constructs on the grounds.
  • When you complete these tasks and return to Mikanikos, he discovers from the scroll that the Soul Mirrors and the Locus are tied together. He asks you to aid him in using the nearby Anima Conduits to restore the Mnemonic Locus. While you do so, Kleia asks the steward if the Locus can gather memories from something that isn’t a soul. Mikanikos asks her to elaborate, and she reveals that the brought a fragment of the Forsworn responsible for all this.
  • You place the fragment down and Mikanikos says it is highly unusual to use the forge in this way, but it might work. He asks for your help in “distilling the memories of the Forsworn from the fragment. What follows is a little game where soul fragments head toward the Locus and you must collect the good ones while avoiding the bad ones. They are highlighted when good and you receive a stacking slow debuff whenever u cross over a bad one.

  • Locus-Keeper Mnemis shouts that she alerted the Forsworn when you recover the memory fragment, and Mikanikos rushes off exclaiming he is going to reprogram her if it’s the last thing he does. Kleia tells you to take the fragment to a soul mirror while she protects the Forgelight Prime.
  • The first vision shows Lysonia still as an aspirant talking to a shadowy figure. She fears she will lose herself if she “gives up anymore,” to which the figure says to trust the process. She wonders how long they endured it, and the figure says long enough to remember there was pain, but not so recently that he feels it.
  • The second memory shes Lysonia join the Shrouded Figure and become a Forsworn. The final memory shows Lysonia leading the Forsworn on the attack at the Temple of Purity on the “Paragon’s” orders. Kleia contacts you and says she knows where to find another soul mirror. She tells you to head to the cavern in the North and will meet you there.

  • The final memory shows Lysonia about to receive new orders from the Paragon, but the Locus-Keeper cuts it off and you are forced to defeat her while Mikanikos repairs her.
  • Back to normal, the Locus-Keeker reveals that this particular memory can only be recalled within the Vault of the Archon but you need two offerings to gain access. The Locus-Keeper cannot tell you directly where the offerings are, but puts you in the right direction. When you find the location, Mikanikos must be protected from Forsworn while he activates them. You then place both offerings on the statues outside the Vault of the Archon and head inside.
  • As Mikanikos works to get the barrier down, you must aid Kleia in keeping the Umbral Phalynx’s from entering the vault. When the barrier is down, the final memory is revealed as Lysonia asks the shrouded figure why he sent the vengeful one away. The figure says his gaze was too narrow for what he was offering her, and there is another power at play. The Forsworn do not fight for Bastion alone. He tells her that once she has taken Purity they will make their move. Kleia and Mikanikos says this is a problem and they must find a way to get an audience with and warn the Archon! You then take a teleport out of the Vault.

Chapter 5

  • Outside the vault, Kleia says you must find a way to get into Elysian Hold! She tells you to meet her at Hero’s Rest.
  • You approach a platform that takes you up to Hero’s Rest and find Kleia engaged in conversation with Kalisthene. She exclaims that the Mawsworn are already within their ranks. Kalisthene says that with this new information the Archon might feel differently about the previous report. She allows you to contact the Polemarch. If he sees fit, he can aid you in procuring an audience with the Archon directly.
  • Unfortunately the signal device to draw the Polemarch’s attention has been broken for some time. Kalisthene provides you with a steward which grants you the Summon Steward Bastion ability for use in the zone. You are able to pick any of the stewards in the area and the game says to be certain of this choice as it can’t be changed for some time. Once picked, you use your new steward to fix the Beacon of Invocation and summon Polemarch Adrestes.
  • Kalisthene has vouched for you and so Adrestes says the Archon has decided to grace you with an audience. It is your duty to present your discoveries to her and follow her wise judgment. He then carries you to Elysian Hold.

  • Upon arriving, Kleia and Pelagos are in awe as they have never been to Elysian Hold. You then approach the Archon and there is a placeholder for a cut-scene where Kleia warns her of the impending attack. Adrestes explains that each temple of Bastion is protected by wards in Elysian Hold. As long as these wards hold, no malevolent force can launch an assault. He is concerned that the Forsworn were able to attack Purity in such force. You are told to investigate the wards.
  • You find most of them intact, but the ward of Purity has been disabled. You also find Forsworn Uther shutting down the ward of Courage. As you approach, he says you are too late. The Forsworn will rise and Bastion will endure a new order. You flies off and you rush back to warn the Archon.
  • Adrestes says the Temple of Courage is where all kyrian learn to fight and it can’t be allowed to fall. He tells you to seek out Thanikos in Xandria’s Vigil.

Chapter 6

  • You go to the nearby flight path to get a ride to Xandria’s Viigil. In the sky there is a placeholder for an “awesome in-game event.”
  • You land to find many dead aspirants and Thanikos and a lich Nalthor the Rimebinder channeling a spell on a nearby construct.
  • Thanikos says that in a fair fight the warriors of Bastion could stand against countless swarms of Maldraxxi, but this was anything but fair. They came without warning or cause and the kyrian were unprepared. They must not be allowed to encroach any further. He asks you to help him reclaim the Vigil.
  • Nalthor is angered that you have interrupted his work. Thanikos says that the lich has broken the ancient treaties and justice will be done. Nalthor exclaims that you will serve his master in death, just like the other kyrian that fell in death. Thanikos says that they are allies, but Nalthor says kyrian are nothing but fuel and the corpses are forever more in the master’s service. He tells Thanikos that he will see to it that he serves at his side when reborn as a reward for the entertainment. He opens portals and you fight off waves off undead before Nelthor teleports away and you secure the area.
  • Thanikos says that the northern grounds have been taken by the House of Constructs, home to Maldraxxus’ most resilient warriors. He asks you to slay their forces and cleanse the area. Mikanikos is here too working on the Centurion construct that Nalthor was channeling a spell on. He says he can repair it if you find an Anima Conflux, Eternity Plating, and Archonic Resonator. Disciple Apolon also requests that you save 6 captured kyrian.

  • Next, you must head to the Southern half of the temple whee the House of Rituals has taken over. Unlike the constructs, their key advantage in battle is their endless army of risen fighters. You must use the Archonic Resonator to sunder 12 solders’ corpses while also draining Necrotic extractors to empower the Anima Conflux..
  • You then meet Thanikos at the Shattered Span and Mikanikos says to buy him time while the colossus charges. Thanikos says you and him must delay Amarth the Reanimator until the Colossus is fully charged.
  • After, you take control of the Colossus and fire on the flying enemies above. Thanikos then asks you to confront Amarth the Reanimator with him.
  • You arrive to find The Paragon of Courage, Xandria engaged in combat with Amarth. Thanikos jumps into the fight, but Amarth summons ritualists who bind Thanikos and transform him into a bone construct that you are forced to defeat. Xandria flies after Amarth and you flee the area with help from Disciple Apolon.
  • Apolon is saddened that Thanikos is gone and says Maldraxxus must answer for their crimes. He tells you to go to Oribos and speak with the Tal-Inara, Voice of the Arbiter, and let her know what happened. You are also told to enter the Necrotic Wake dungeon and defeat Amarth the Reanimator.