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Shadowlands Alpha – Bastion Zone Preview

Shadowlands Alpha – Bastion Preview
Bastion is one of the new zones in Shadowlands and is ruled by the Kyrian Covenant.


  • Necrotic Wake
  • Spires of Ascension


  • Kyrians – The noble inhabitants of Bastion who shepherd the souls of the dead to Oribos so that they can be judged by the impassive Arbiter before being sent to their final destinations
  • Stewards – Born of the magic of Death, these otherworldly groundskeepers and artificers keep Bastion pristine. Along with maintaining the realm, they assemble Centurions—the anima-fueled guardians that train Kyrian Aspiriants and defend Bastion. Each steward dotes on a Paragon and keeps mementos of their achievements. Perhaps you will catch their eye and they’ll pledge themselves to you!
  • The Forsworn – Rarely, an Aspirant will fail to complete a rite of passage. These once-bright souls darken and become lost, wandering the plains of Bastion to lament. Containing the Forsworn is key, for if left unchecked, doubt can spread like a disease
  • The Centurions – A legion of anima-fueled automatons that drill Kyrian Aspirants in meditative combat as well as defend Bastion.
    • Praetor: These flying automatons are charged with training Aspirants who show particular martial promise.
    • Goliath: Unyielding bulwarks and powerful warriors that enforce order in Bastion.
    • Colossus: Eternal protectors, these guardians have stood watch and defended Bastion for ages.
  • Memories – As the Kyrian shed the burdens of their past lives, physical manifestations of their tormented thoughts are expelled from their bodies. Only by striking them down can the Kyrian cleanse themselves and achieve ascendance.