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Shadowlands Alpha – Build

Make sure you haven’t missed any of the Shadowlands announcement this week!

Shadowlands Alpha – Build
The Shadowlands Alpha client is here and we are taking a look at what’s inside!

  • There is a fun description for the Kyrian – [TEMP] The Kyrian are the most holy and noble in the after life. They pride themselves on being just and fair, but to an extreme level. The Kyrian are accepting proper level headed adventures to provide them aid in anima restoration and order. No orcs allowed!
  • There are some interesting new settings:
    • New settings were added to reduce the density of non-essential spells based on your framerate.
    • There is a setting for target framerate. If your framerate is below this number, dynamic systems will reduce graphics quality to attempt to hit this framerate
  • Strings have been added for gamepad support.
  • The new scenarios involve Tyrande Whisperwind, Kel’Thuzad, and Baroness Vashj.
  • Kael’thas is one of the new Shadowlands Encounters.
  • You’ll now be able to link a pinned map location to other players in chat!
  • Story (SPOILERS)
    • Kel’thuzad is involved in a scenario in Maldraxxus.
    • There is a scenario that involves following Tyrande in Torghast as she discovers the extent of the Night Warrior.
    • Kael’thas has both a new model and a corrupted form and is labeled as a boss in a Revendreth dungeon.
    • Lady Vashj returns in the Shadowlands, now known as Baroness Vashj.
    • Mueh’zala is the one who whispered to Vol’jin to make Sylvanas warchief.
    • Vol’jin will be undertaking a ritual in a pod to be reborn as a loa, perhaps involving Rezan.
    • Hakkar and Ysera returns in the Shadowlands.
    • Uther has ascended as a Kyrian.

New Maps
Only some of the Torghast floor maps are below, as there are lots of the same kind of maps for Torghast.

New World Map
If you are interested in seeing more detail, try the larger version. Warning: It’s very large.

New Icons
Blizzard added almost 700 new icons in the initial Shadowlands build!

New UI Images
A few interested images were added for the UI.

Achievements Changes

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Battle for Azeroth

Battle Raid
Dungeons & Raids

  • Mythic: Il’gynoth, Corruption Reborn Name changed from “Mythic: Il’gynoth, Corrupton Reborn” to “Mythic: Il’gynoth, Corruption Reborn”. Defeat Il’gynoth, Corrupton Corruption Reborn in Ny’alotha, the Waking City on Mythic difficulty. 10 points.


Draenor Raid
Dungeons & Raids

  • The Steel Has Been Brought Defeat Flamebender Ka’graz in Blackrock Foundry without killing Aknor Steelbringer on Normal difficulty or higher. after securing your garrison. Follower Reward: Aknor Steelbringer. 10 points.

Feats of Strength

World Events

  • Shake Your Bunny-Maker Use Spring Flowers to place rabbit ears upon players of at least 18th level. 10 points. 10th level. 10 points.

Feats of Strength


Shadowlands Dungeon
Dungeons & Raids

Visions of N’Zoth
Expansion Features

New Mounts

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Flying Mounts

  • Gilded Prowler (New) – Flying Mount. Gilded Prowler. “Unparalleled apex predator of Bastion, this mighty larion has trained since birth to carry its rider across the Shadowlands.”
  • Ny’alotha Allseer – Flying Mount. Ny’alotha Allseer. “To find him, drown yourself in the Circle of Stars.” Source: Drop: N’Zoth the Corruptor Zone: Ny’alotha, the Waking City Difficulty: Mythic
  • PH Death Roc (New) – Flying Mount. PH Death Roc. “PH”
  • PH Devourer Mite (New) – Flying Mount. PH Devourer Mite. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Dredbat (New) – Flying Mount. PH Dredbat. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Maldraxxus Chimaera (New) – Flying Mount. PH Maldraxxus Chimaera. “PH”
  • PH Moth (New) – Flying Mount. PH Moth. “PH”
  • Shadowbarb Drone – Flying Mount. Shadowbarb Drone. “Void, jelly, and a very full belly is all this drone needs.” Source: Quest: Ready to Fly Zone: Uldum My Own Drone Zone: Uldum

Ground Mounts

  • Mechagon Peacekeeper – Ground Mount. Mechagon Peacekeeper. “Keeps the peace by turning you into pieces.” Source: Drop: HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit Zone: Operation: Mechagon (Mythic)
  • PH Epic Gargon (New) – Ground Mount. PH Epic Gargon. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Epic Phalynx (New) – Ground Mount. PH Epic Phalynx. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Epic Runestag (New) – Ground Mount. PH Epic Runestag. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Gargon (New) – Ground Mount. PH Gargon. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Gorm (New) – Ground Mount. PH Gorm. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Horned Horse (New) – Ground Mount. PH Horned Horse. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Horned Horse (New) – Ground Mount. PH Horned Horse. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Phalynx (New) – Ground Mount. PH Phalynx. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Runestag (New) – Ground Mount. PH Runestag. “PH” Source: PH
  • PH Shadehound (New) – Ground Mount. PH Shadehound. “PH” Source: PH
  • Vicious War Spider (New) – Ground Mount. Vicious War Spider. “PH” Source: PH
  • Vicious War Spider (New) – Ground Mount. Vicious War Spider. “PH” Source: PH

New Covenant Talents
There are lots of new covenant talents in the initial Shadowlands build!

Shadowlands New Dungeons and Encounter Journal
There are lots of new dungeons and encounter journal entries in the initial Shadowlands build!

New Areas
Blizzard added lots of new areas in the initial Shadowlands build!

Shadowlands New Scenarios
There are lots of new scenarios in the initial Shadowlands build!

New Broadcast Text
New broadcast text for some of the new areas in Shadowlands. Be warned as these contain spoilers!

New Strings
There are lots of new strings in this initial Shadowlands build.

New Titles

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  • %s the Cryptkeeper (New)
  • %s, As Themselves (New)
  • Pilgrim %s the Mallet Bearer (New)

New Campaigns

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  • 9.0 Shadowlands – Narrative Arc – Revendreth (ZTO) – Sire Denathrius may know the secrets to ending the anima drought. Venture into his realm of Revendreth to learn more.
  • 9.0 Shadowlands – Covenant Campaign – Revendreth (ZTO) – The road to redemption for Revendreth is a long one, and the Dark Prince of Sinfall is ready to walk it. He will need your help if he is to wrest control of Revendreth from the clutches of the Master and his loyalists.
  • 9.0 Shadowlands – Narrative Arc – Bastion – GJC – TBD
  • 9.0 Shadowlands – Covenant Campaign – Maldraxxus (MDE) – TBD
  • 9.0 Shadowlands – Covenant Campaign – Ardenweald (KRB) – The groves of Ardenweald are dying. As each great celestial tree falls, the Winter Queen’s desperation grows. The queen and her Court of Night will need your help to restore balance to Ardenweald.
  • 9.0 Shadowlands – Narrative Arc – Maldraxxus – SJC – TBD
  • 9.0 Shadowlands – Covenant Campaign – Bastion – GJC – TBD
  • 9.0 Shadowlands – Narrative Arc – Ardenweald (ZTO) – TBD

New Currencies

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Battle for Azeroth

  • Corrupted Mementos – Name changed from “Corrupted Memento” to “Corrupted Mementos”.
  • Echoes of Ny’alotha (New) – Scoured of N’Zoth’s corruption, MOTHER can use this substance to synthesize essences in the Chamber of Heart.
  • Progenitor Shard (New) – TEST Max Quantity: 5000.


  • Ardenweald (New) – Grants reputation with Ardenweald.
  • BFA Season Rated Participation Currency – Max Quantity: 90000. 900000.
  • Corrupted Memento – Name changed from “Corrupted Mementos” to “Corrupted Memento”.
  • Covenant Anima (New) – Placeholder Resource
  • Deaths (New) – Dummy currency for Torghast UI
  • Enemy Damage (New) – Dummy currency for Torghast UI
  • Enemy Health (New) – Dummy currency for Torghast UI
  • Kyrian (New) – Grants reputation with the Kyrian.
  • Maldraxxus (New) – Grants reputation with Maldraxxus.
  • Phantasma (New) – This extinguished strand of anima can be used to gain power within Torghast.

    Leaving Torghast will destroy all Phantasma.

  • Quest Experience (Standard) (New)
  • Revendreth (New) – Grants reputation with Revendreth.
  • Stygia (New) – The byproduct of the violent destruction of a Soul within the Maw.


  • Freed Soul (New) – With enough Freed Souls, you may be able to advance aspects of your Covenant Sanctum.
  • Shadowlands Anima – Name changed from “8.2 NOT CURRENTLY USED” to “Shadowlands Anima”.
  • Shadowlands PvP Rated (New)
  • Shadowlands PvP Rated – Item Purchase (New) – Use this to purchase Shadowlands Gladiator gear.
  • Shadowlands PvP Unrated (New)
  • Soul Ash (New) – Soul Ash powers the Pyres of Creation.

New Factions

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  • Court of Harvesters (New) – Revendreth
  • Maw Broker (New)
  • Night Fae (New) – Ardenweald
  • Sinfall (New) – Revendreth


  • 9.0 Maldraxxus – Abominations (New)
  • 9.0 Maldraxxus – End Game (New)
  • 9.0 Maldraxxus – Lich (New)
  • 9.0 Maldraxxus – Warriors (New)
  • Dark Kyrian (New)
  • Kyrian (New)
  • Shadowlands (New)
  • Stone Legion (New)
  • Torghast – Guard (New)
  • Torghast – Prisoner (New)

New Artifacts

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  • Instruments of Justice
  • Wings of War
  • Bastion’s Stalwarts
  • Lightfoot Vanguard
  • Righteous Vengeance
  • Creed of Revendreth
  • Creed of Revendreth
  • Creed of Revendreth
  • Creed of Revendreth
  • Creed of Revendreth

New Holidays

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  • WoW’s 16th Anniversary

Adventure Map Points of Interest

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  • Darkness’ Domain (New) – A place nearly untouched by light. Stealthy rogues, hounds, rats, soul eaters, and the ghosts of the forgotten lurk around every corner. Quest #60104.
  • Deadsoul Interstitia (New) – A strange, shifting place between cell blocks, filled with the shades of souls so tormented that they have forgotten who they once were. Quest #60101.
  • Fracture Chambers (New) – Prisoners from Maldraxxus are held in these chambers, their bones broken over and over again. Quest #60099.
  • Kakophonus (New) – The windswept roost of the Mawsworn Kyrian. Quest #60102.
  • Miscreation Wing (New) – Necromancers and soul-twisters perform experiments on souls here, transforming them into horrible, dark monstrosities. Quest #60103.
  • Sineater Belfry (New) – A temporary home for venthyr that are loyal to the Jailer. Quest #60105.
  • Skoldus Hall (New) – Warden Skoldus and his vicious beasts torment the souls chained within these halls. Quest #60092.
  • The Soulforges (New) – White-hot forges here literally melt down souls into armor and weaponry to outfit the Jailer’s army. Quest #60100.
  • The Upper Reaches (New) – Home to the Jailer’s most precious prisoners… and his most dangerous lieutenants. Quest #60106.
  • The Winding Halls (New) – A section of Torghast with seemingly no beginning or end – just endless halls, ever climbing upward… Quest #60107.

New Skills

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Class Skills

  • Kyrian (New) – Kyrian Covenant
  • Necrolord (New) – Necrolord Covenant
  • Night Fae (New) – Night Fae Covenant
  • Pet – Exotic Stone Hound – Name changed from “Pet – Exotic Quilen” to “Pet – Exotic Stone Hound”.
  • Venthyr (New) – Venthyr Covenant


  • Abominable Stitching (New) – Parts can be found on monsters in the Shadowlands, and from quests.
  • Alchemy – Shadowlands Alchemy (New)
  • Ascension Crafting (New) – Recipes can be obtained through the Path of Ascension feature.
  • Blacksmithing – Shadowlands Blacksmithing (New)
  • Enchanting – Shadowlands Enchanting (New)
  • Engineering – Shadowlands Engineering (New)
  • Herbalism – Shadowlands Herbalism (New)
  • Inscription – Shadowlands Inscription (New)
  • Jewelcrafting – Shadowlands Jewelcrafting (New)
  • Leatherworking – Shadowlands Leatherworking (New)
  • Mining – Shadowlands Mining (New)
  • Skinning – Shadowlands Skinning (New)
  • Soul Cyphering (New) – New soul cyphers can be found within the Maw.
  • Tailoring – Shadowlands Tailoring (New)
  • Tailoring – Shadowlands Tailoring (New)

Secondary Skills

  • Cooking – Shadowlands Cooking (New)
  • Fishing – Shadowlands Fishing (New)

New Item Name Descriptions

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  • Abominable Stitching (New)Abominable Stitching
  • Catalyst Pod (New)Catalyst Pod
  • Catalyst Pod Enhancer (New)Catalyst Pod Enhancer
  • Coalescence of Power (New)Coalescence of Power
  • I (New) – I
  • II (New) – II
  • III (New) – III
  • IV (New) – IV
  • Memento (New)Memento
  • of the Beast Slayer (New) – of the Beast Slayer
  • of the Critical Crafter (New) – of the Critical Crafter
  • of the Hasty Crafter (New) – of the Hasty Crafter
  • of the Masterful Crafter (New) – of the Masterful Crafter
  • of the Versatile Crafter (New) – of the Versatile Crafter
  • Optional Crafting Reagent (New)Optional Crafting Reagent
  • Soul Cyphering (New)Soul Cyphering
  • Soul Seed (New)Soul Seed