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Shadowlands Alpha – Exile’s Reach New Player Starting Experience

Shadowlands Alpha – Build Datamining

Exile’s Reach – New Player Starting Experience
Exile’s Reach is the new starting zone experience for new players in World of Warcraft. In this post, we’ll quickly go over this new starting experience, highlight important events and preview the zone.

  • This zone teaches players some of the fundamentals of World of Warcraft and their class, including playing through a 1-5 player mini-dungeon.
  • Players can expect it will take them 30-60 minutes to complete this zone, depending on their familiarity with the game.
  • If you’re new to World of Warcraft and have never created or leveled a character, you will automatically begin in Exile’s Reach.
  • If you’ve leveled a character through this experience before, or are a veteran player, you will be able to opt out of this zone.

Note: As of right now in Shadowlands Alpha, the new player starting experience is available only to level 1 Alliance characters. Story Spoilers Below!

Learning Combat

  • The story begins with you on a ship off the coast of Stormheim. Your faction leaders have sent new recruits, including you, to investigate what happened with a failed expedition.
  • You start with no specialization and only one ability. For example, if you’re a rogue, you’ll only have Sinister Strike.
  • You warm up by attacking a Combat Dummy and then spar with Private Cole to learn your second main spell. As a Rogue, that ability will be Eviscerate.
  • The storm intensifies, an in-progress cinematic plays out and your boat crashes on Exile’s Reach.

Stranded on Exile’s Reach

  • On the isle you will be tasked with getting first aid kits and cooking meat for the stranded survivors.
  • After that, Captain Garrick teaches you how to use your abilities efficiently. For example, to complete this quest as a rogue you will have to use Sinister Strike to generate your combo points and then use Eviscerate with 3, 4 and 5 combo points on Captain Garrick.

Ogre Necromancy

  • Using a flying machine to scout the island, you learn that ogres are using necromancy to reanimate a dragon.
  • These ogres need sacrifices for the ritual and are using captured survivors from the previous failed expedition, including Henry, Captain Garrick’s son.
  • To deal with this problem, you’re going to ride a giant boar to destroy the undead army.
  • After that you save a few more stranded survivors from harpies and from a cave full of spider web.

Darkmaul Citadel

  • Now that you have rescued most of the survivors, you will get disguised as an Ogre and bring them outside the Darkmaul Citadel.
  • While on this quest, new players learn about emotes as they have to /wave at Gor’groth, the ogre leader.
  • The survivors give you quests to destroy their catapults, defeat ogres in the area and retrieve ritual stones to rescue one more survivor.
  • After you’re done, you’ll get one final quest to defeat Gor’groth in the Darkmaul Citadel Dungeon.

Dungeon: Darkmaul Citadel

  • You can queue up and enter the Darkmaul Citadel without a tank or a healer, as Captain Garrick and Henry Garrick will join to fulfill those roles.
  • Tunk is the first boss and he’s pretty easy to deal with. Melee DPS have to avoid his Seismic Slam and Ranged DPS have to stop casting when Tunk uses his Interrupting Shout.
  • Gor’groth, the second and final boss, is also an easy fight, however at 50% health he sacrifices himself to reanimate Ravnyr. The Dragon has a breath attack that teaches new players how to dodge, as well as a knockback attack that pushes players away.
  • After you’re done with the dungeon, the Wildhammer Clan comes to the rescue and brings you to Stormwind.
  • Once you’re in Stormwind you get to learn riding, choose your specialization and set your hearthstone to an inn. After that, your presence will be requested in Stormwind Keep and you can start the questline for Battle for Azeroth.