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Shadowlands Alpha – Introduction Experience

Shadowlands Alpha – Introduction Experience
The Shadowlands Alpha servers are back up and the introduction experience is now available for testing!


  • You begin by taking a portal to the top of Icecrown to find the leaders of the Alliance and Horde talking to Bolvar and his death knights. Anduin, Jaina, Baine, and Thrall are suspiciously absent from this meeting however.
  • Darion Morgraine greets you, explaining that “before her minions abducted key leaders, the Banshee Queen attacked Icecrown. She cut a path to the Frozen Throne and seized the Helm of Domination. Look to the sky and you will see the results of her actions. I…have never beheld anything like this. But shattering the helm also freed Bolvar Fordragon from the burden of the Lich King. Bolvar has recovered and believes he knows where the Banshee has taken those she abducted.”
  • As you approach, you find the two factions arguing. Lor’themar remarks that these are troubled times and both factions need stability. He doesn’t seem to believe that sending Azeroth’s leaders on a potential suicide mission is smart, and thinks those who are not present would also agree.
  • Tyrande calls him a coward and exclaims that she would pay any price to see the Banshee impaled upon her glaive. Genn says he wants the same, but agrees with Lor’themar. Anduin wouldn’t want them to risk the well-being of the Alliance for his sake.
  • Calia tells Tyrande that the kaldorei will need their leader to have any hope of finding peace, to which Tyranda responds by scoffing at the idea of the Forsaken speaking of peace after what they have done.
  • Bolvar silences everyone, stating that the war is over and a more pressing threat is now at hand.
  • When you talk to him, Bolvar explains that when Sylvanas shattered the Helm of Domination, her soul became indelibly linked to the helm, much as his had when he donned it. He can now sense her presence, and knows where she has gone. He says the helm can bring us to where we need to go to rescue our leaders, but it cannot bring us back. Only we can do that on our own. He asks you to complete the ritual at the Frozen Throne to open to the rift into the Maw.
  • As you place the shards of the helm around the center rune, Bolvar talks about how he glimpsed many realms of death as the Lich King, and always felt a dark presence at the edge of his consciousness. It was not Arthas or Ner’zhul but something else. He now senses it lurking in the sky above, and it cannot be left unchecked. He lends you the Knights of the Ebon Blade for your travels.