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Shadowlands Beta – Class Changes, Focused PvP Testing

Shadowlands Beta – Build 35755

Shadowlands Beta – Hunter Class Changes

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Harpoon still doesn’t work almost anywhere in beta. Most survival conduits are not in beta to even test. Focus regen was acknowledged and said would be fixed. 3 weeks and not hotfix.

Some spells require a polearm, some require a ranged weapon and some require a axe, yes an axe.

Several fixes were made in the last week for harpoon. Where is it not currently working for you?
Focus regen should have been hotfixed last week, and the build that was pushed today should correctly have you at 5 Focus per second (before haste).

Which spells are asking for odd weapon requirements?

Will get Flayed Shot looked into. It should work with basically any weapon equpiped.

Shadowlands Beta – Paladin Class Changes

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Catching up on a few things on Protection:

  • Reverted the Holy Power changes from the July 8 update. All things considered, the attempt to rearrange where Protection Holy Power comes from wasn’t enough of a win, given the general sense that Judgment feels a lot better when it generates. Total Holy Power generation should also be higher again in this build as a result.
  • Moved some mitigation from Shield of the Righteous to Consecration. This improves mitigation outside of Shield of the Righteous and makes damage less swingy.
  • Replaced Shining Light with Bastion of Glory (similar mechanic that existed in Warlords–Shield of the Righteous gives a stacking self-healing increase to Word of Glory). The role of the passive is the same–give Word of Glory a rotational cadence that gives it a clearly “better” time to use.

Divine Toll, when cast on a friendly target, should be behaving like a typical smart heal (as of today). It can heal anything, but will favor injured targets, and player targets.

Shadowlands Beta – Focused PvP Testing

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With today’s Shadowlands Beta update, PvP trinkets are now available from Purveyor Zo’kuul, located in The Enclave in Oribos.

The Test Resource Distributor will now also grant Honor currency, and can be found in the Ring of Fates.

Additionally, all instanced PvP maps now have a scaling aura active to simulate end-game item level.

Please take any class-specific PvP feedback to the appropriate thread for your class: