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Shadowlands Beta – How to Swap Covenants

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Shadowlands Beta – How to Swap Covenants
Which Covenant to join is the single most important choice you will make in Shadowlands at endgame, but the latest update to the beta has shed even more light on the steps needed to switch Covenants and how to return to one that you have already left. As stated in the past, joining a new Covenant is easy, but returning will involve a lot more work.

Switching to a New Covenant
Leaving your current Covenant to join a different one is easy. All you have to do is find The Enclave in Oribos where the representatives of each Covenant resides. Speak to the emissary of the Covenant you wish to join, and navigate through the dialogue prompts. There are four prompts before the emissary will believe you to be sincere and allow you to switch. At this point, you are officially switched over and given the first campaign quest for your new Covenant.

Rejoining a Covenant
Deciding to return to a Covenant that you have left is a much more involved task. When you speak to the emissary, you will not be able to simple navigate the dialogue prompts and return as you did with a new Covenant. Instead, the emissary will say that the Covenant has not taken your betrayal lightly and you must prove your sincerity. You are then given a quest called “Prove Your Worth.” This requires you to complete 8 world quests in the zone that the Covenant resides in while also completing tasks there to fill a bar.

There is usually a max of 4 world quests up at a time in each zone (5 if you have War Mode on and the PvP quest is in the zone for the day). This means that you cannot finish this quest on the same day that you pick it up unless you start it that morning before world quests reset. The bar fill portion involves killing rares or dungeon bosses from that zone. Currently, rares give 6%, world quests give 8%, and dungeon bosses provide 12% towards filling the bar.

This is not the only step needed to rejoin the Covenant, however. When you turn this quest in, the emissary will tell you that you have taken your first steps towards rejoining their ranks, but more time is needed to assess your case. They ask you to “return at a later date.” This is currently where it stands on beta and we have yet to receive a new task. This could be due to it not being implemented yet or because the “return at a later date” requires an amount of time that hasn’t passed yet.