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Shadowlands Beta – Maldraxxus Quest Chain Preview

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Shadowlands Beta – Maldraxxus Quest Chain Preview
Afterlives: Maldraxxus recently shed some light on the story that will be playing out during the experience in Maldraxxus. Today we are taking a look at the Maldraxxus quest chain on the Shadowlands Beta. MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD

Chapter 1 – Champion of Pain

  • You begin the experience by talking to Grandmaster Vole at the Theater of Pain. He scoffs that you seem to have no house to fight for, but the anima drought has left them without many gladiators to fight in the arena at the moment and so he tells you to defeat 40 contenders.
  • After killing enough enemies in the Theater of Pain, Grandmaster Vole is shocked to find you alive, but remarks that most of the fodder you plowed through were amateurs. He then wants you to slay 10 elite contenders who belong to one of the five…errr three houses of Maldraxxus. Apparently two of them no longer exist.
  • Completing this task earns the favor of the Grandmaster, who says you now show potential. You have now caught the eyes of former champions Rin’mar and Gutrend who wish to challenge you. You are given the Maldraxxus Covenant ability after defeating them to use while in the zone.
  • The Grandmaster then announces the final event of the tournament, pitting you against the other victor in the current tournament, High Champion Meskal.
  • After her defeat, the leaders of the houses appear. Margrave Gharmal wonders which banner you fight for, but Margrave Sin’dane points out that you are a mortal. The two Margraves recognize you as the one that thwarted their houses’ attack on Bastion. Margrave Krexus says they have betrayed everything the Primus stood for, to which the others remind him that the Primus is long gone while also taunting his house, the House of the Chosen.
  • Margrave Krexus reminds them that they are meant to defend the Shadowlands, not conquer it. He threatens to attack them if they don’t recall their forces from Bastion, but the two refuse and a battle ensues.
  • Baroness Draka flies down on her mount and manages to get you out of there. She is part of the House of the Chosen. As you flee, a drake shoots you of the sky.
  • You land in the Iron Trench and must fight your way through unbound deathwalkers while arming displaced scavengers and collecting faded epitaphs with Draka. She then has you destroy an elite deathwalker named Malifis by using a horn to rally the scavengers to help you.
    After this, Draka tells you to enter the necropolis just to the south which is the home to Margrave Krexus and the House of the Chosen to whom Draka belongs.