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Shadowlands Covenant Class and Signature Abilities – May 13 Update

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Shadowlands Covenant Class and Signature Abilities – May 13 Update
Blizzard has updated their preview of Covenant Class and Signature Abilities coming in Shadowlands. Note that the blog post was updated ahead of the next Alpha Build, therefore datamining and tooltips may not be 100% accurate.

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Demon Hunter

Fodder to the Flame (Necrolord) – Commission a duel to the death against a Condemned Demon from the Theater of Pain. Vanquishing your foe releases its demon soul and creates a pool of demon blood. Fighting within the pool increases your attack speed by 20% and reduces the damage that enemies deal to you by 10%. Fleshcraft treats the Condemned Demon as a powerful enemy.


Wild Spirits (Night Fae) – Summon a Wild Spirit at the target location that applies Wild Mark to all enemy targets below it for 15 sec. While the Wild Spirit is active, each ability you use against a target affected by the Wild Mark calls forth a spirit beast to strike your target for [ 45% of Attack Power ] Nature damage.


Faeline Stomp (Night Fae) – Strike the ground fiercely to expose a faeline for 30 sec, dealing [ 60% of Attack Power ] Nature damage and taking an action based on your specialization. Your abilities have a 10% chance of resetting the cooldown of Faeline Stomp while fighting on a faeline.

  • Brewmaster: Ignite enemies along the faeline Breath of Fire.
  • Mistweaver: Heal allies along the faeline Essence Font bolt.
  • Windwalker: Rip Chi and Energy Spheres out of enemies along the faeline.

Fallen Order (Venthyr) – Opens a mirror for 24 seconds summoning reflections of your order’s Fallen Ox, Crane, and Tiger adepts every 1 second for 6 seconds. Adepts associated with your specialization will fight for a longer duration and cast additional abilities.


Vanquisher’s Hammer (Necrolord) – Throws a hammer at your target dealing [ 80% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage and empowering your next Word of Glory or Templar’s Verdict:

  • Holy: Word of Glory automatically triggers Light of Dawn.
  • Protection: Word of Glory automatically triggers Shield of the Righteous.
  • Retribution: Templar’s Verdict automatically triggers Divine Storm.

Blessing of the Seasons (Night Fae) – Bless your party members with the aspect of one of the seasons, lasting 1 minute or until you advance to the next season. 15 second cooldown.

  • Blessing of Summer – Bless your nearby party members for 60 sec, causing their attacks to have a high chance to deal [ 100% of Spell Power ] Holy damage. Turns to Autumn after use.
  • Blessing of Autumn – Bless your nearby party members for 60 sec, causing their cooldowns to recover 10% faster. Turns to Winter after use.
  • Blessing of Winter – Bless yourself for 60 sec, reducing the movement speed of enemies within 40 yards by 20%, and their attack speed by 10%. Turns to Spring after use.
  • Blessing of Spring – Bless your nearby party members for 60 sec, increasing their healing done and healing received by 10%. Turns to Summer after use.


Fae Blessings (Night Fae) – Surround yourself with helpful sprites, causing your next 10 spell casts to aid your target depending on your chosen spell.

  • Shadow Mend, Mind Blast, Flash Heal, Heal: Reduces an ally’s damage taken by 10% for 15 sec.
  • Power Word: Shield: Invigorates your target with 2% mana or 20% resource.
  • Void Bolt, Prayer of Healing, Power Word: Radiance: Reduces the cooldowns of up to 5 allies’ major abilities by 3 seconds.


Sepsis (Night Fae) – Infect the target’s blood, dealing Nature damage over 10 seconds. If the target survives its full duration, they suffer additional damage and you Vanish from sight. Cooldown reduced by 60 seconds if Sepsis does not last its full duration.


Fae Transfusion (Night Fae) – Transfer the life force of up to 8 enemies in the targeted area, dealing [ 25% of Spell Power + 25% of Attack Power ] Nature damage every 0.5 sec for 3 sec. Pressing Fae Transfusion again within 20 sec will release 25% of all damage from Fae Transfusion, healing up to 8 allies near yourself.


Ancient Aftershock (Night Fae) – Slam the ground with your weapon, releasing a shockwave dealing [ 220% of Attack Power ] Nature damage and stunning up to 5 enemies for 1.5 sec. Enemies struck take [ 42% of Attack Power ] Nature damage every 2 sec for 12 sec and transfer it to you as 6 Rage.

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