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Shadowlands Developer Interview – Paul Kubit

Shadowlands Developer Interview – Paul Kubit
Towelliee sat down to talk to Paul Kubit today. Blizzard posted an official Torghast preview and we’ve posted a list of various Torghast abilities.

Torghast Access

  • You should be able to get into Torghast shortly after hitting Level 60. There are probably a few pre-requisite pieces of content.

Torghast Loot and Rewards

  • The team isn’t sure what the final loot for Torghast will look like. They are still working on itemization.
  • You should have things that you want to get in Torghast, but you won’t be able to get everything from Torghast.
  • Torghast loot should be compelling for players that play a lot, players that don’t play much, and players that are intimidated by this kind of system.
  • Torghast probably won’t have a lot of equippable gear.
  • Souls are valuable to your Covenant. There is a chance it’ll be an important and powerful soul that is helpful going forward, but the Covenant also needs every single soul they can get.
  • There will be plenty of cool cosmetics from Torghast.
  • Souls are not a currency, every Soul is precious! You won’t be spending Souls, the more you bring to your Covenant, the better access to things you’ll have.
  • The team isn’t sure if Torghast will affect the weekly chest yet. The chest will take into account Mythic+, potentially raids, PvP, World Quests, Torghast, and more.
  • Rewards are implemented after content is added.
  • Torghast was released earlier than the team would normally release a feature. Design, art, rewards, and many other aspects are not finished.
  • The current rewards in Torghast are potentially placeholders. They are added right now to let players know where they will get loot.
  • The higher you get, the more and better loot you’ll get.
  • There will probably be a cap on the amount of legendary crafting materials you can get from Torghast.
  • If you go beyond a certain point in Mythic+, you aren’t doing it for the rewards. It’ll probably be similar for Torghast, where there is a point that rewards max out. Beyond that, there may be achievements and cosmetics.
  • There are legendary affixes that are tied to certain slots. Boots with movement speed, defense to belts, etc.
  • Legendary Anima powers in the future are possible.
  • The rarities of powers will be changing in a future alpha patch, more Commons, less Uncommons and Rares.
  • The team wants to see people using defensive powers, they may be needed to succeed at higher floors.

Torghast Access and Gamplay

  • The team doesn’t have any plans to add skips to the tower. Runs should last a reasonable amount of time, probably should not be an hour and a half.
  • There is a world where Torghast runs are 6 floors, less than an hour, allowing you to do multiple runs.
  • Paul – The best thing about doing Torghast with a group is the fun that you have.
  • Powers are built to be fun solo, but can be more fun in a group.
  • You should be able to get roughly as far solo as with a group. It’s tough to get balance right, so the team will probably err with letting groups get a little farther.
  • You won’t be able to queue for Torghast and get matched with a group.

Torghast Tuning

  • The game knows what role you are, so creatures will be tuned to match that role.
  • Not all DPS specs are the same, so tuning will now be per spec instead of per role (like it is now).
  • Damage and Health scale in the tower right now, but complexity may also need to scale as you climb.
  • At higher levels, new mechanics may need to be introduced, such as soft timers. The team doesn’t want people to sit and wait for Bloodlust on every pull. Jailer may send increasing waves of enemies at you.
  • You’ll be able to take your time and be methodical, but if you are using an inordinate amount of time, the floor will become more difficult.

Torghast Access

  • There is no final plan for how much you can access the tower or how you’ll earn access, but Paul shared some of the ideas the team is talking about.
  • There is a plan to have some kind of key that will let you in to the tower.
  • The team compares Torghast to the Withered Army training. Every few days your Covenant may give you a key.
  • Maybe you can purchase keys for increasing amounts of currencies.
  • If you want to run it more, you can go to the outdoor Maw and through gameplay there earn a currency that lets you purchase more keys. Maybe 15 minutes of gameplay to earn enough to buy a key.
  • If you spend too long in the Maw, you’ll get a debuff that you’ll need to drop by doing things in other zones. You won’t be endlessly farming keys and playing Torghast.
  • You might be able to spend 35% of your gameplay time in Torghast.
  • There won’t be Normal/Heroic/Mythic Torghast on live. This is in place for testing.

Anima Powers

  • The number of powers you get in Torghast right now is a little high.
  • You should get a power on the end of each floor, plus some others.
  • Maybe 2-4 powers per floor will be earned.

Torghast Design

  • There has been a lot of iteration on how much procedural generation that is being used for Torghast.
  • Lots of experts at procedural generation that work on Diablo at Blizzard, team talked to them to learn more.
  • The team tested completely procedurally generated levels, but they didn’t look great, large cubes.
  • The team tested levels that are fixed, built manually by level designers. These worked out better.
  • Spawning uses things learned from islands and dungeon design.
  • Creature types depend on the floor, difficult creatures get placed in the correct locations.
  • Even more breadth of creatures and special things will be added during development.
  • Most of the base layer of creature spawns are in now. There are six different categories, tied to the six different areas in Torghast.
  • Lots of variation will come with mini-bosses, rares, floor end bosses.
  • Having a fixed number of creatures allows you to learn from previous experiences. Knowing that a certain type of creature does AoE and that you need to run out is helpful.
  • The broker’s vendor list will change often and is very much in an Alpha state. More offerings are coming.
  • Might be an interesting power to be able to spawn a broker.


  • You’ll probably see a little less story and a little more world building at this point in the expansion. Need to set the scene before we tell more story in Torghast.
  • Everyone who has died in the recent past has gone down to the Maw. There are some cosmic wrongs that need to be righted.

Future Changes

  • More floors, more enemies, more legendaries, more things over the expansion.
  • A lot of how Torghast will change over the expansion is up to players.
  • What’s fun? What do we need more of? What ways can we develop the system?
  • Heroic Warfronts were added because players wanted a more challenging version, it wasn’t planned from the start.

The Maw

  • You’ll visit the Maw a few times during leveling for story reasons, but mostly will visit the Maw for endgame.
  • The first time you go into the Maw at endgame and open your map, it won’t look like any other zone.
  • You have a limited amount of time in the Maw. You can only do so much before the Jailer notices you and makes the experience more difficult.
  • You’ll see Rares, mini-events (not necessarily on your map), and more.
  • You’ll normally do one trip into the Maw per day. If you leave and come back, the Jailer will still remember you.
  • There will probably be some mechanics to let you avoid the Eye of the Jailer temporarily.
  • You can spend Anima gathered from other zones to stay in the Maw longer.