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Shadowlands Leveling Changes and Level Squish, Flying Changes, Icecrown Skybox

Shadowlands Leveling Changes and Level Squish
In Shadowlands, new players that have never created or leveled a character will automatically begin in Exile’s Reach. Veteran players will be able to opt out of this zone and complete the starting zone for their race.

Allied Race characters (including Death Knights) start at Level 10, however Demon Hunters and non Allied Race Death Knights start at Level 8 and have to go through their starting zone experience before they can progress further.

Expansion Level in BFA Level in Shadowlands
Vanilla 60 25
The Burning Crusade 70 27
Wrath of the Lich King 80 30
Cataclysm 85 32
Mists of Pandaria 90 35
Warlords of Draenor 100 40
Legion 110 45
Battle for Azeroth 120 50

Shadowlands Riding and Flying Changes
In Shadowlands, once a character finishes their starting zone experience and reaches Level 10 they can learn Apprentice Riding from a Riding Trainer or Flying Trainer.

Faction discounts are still present in Shadowlands. For example, characters that reach Level 25 and are Exalted with Orgrimmar or Stormwind will benefit from a 20% discount and will be able to purchase flying (Expert Riding) for 200.

Shadowlands – Icecrown Skybox
The Icecrown Skybox has been updated to reflect the aftermath of the fight between Sylvanas and Bolvar.