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Shadowlands – New Character Customization Preview

Shadowlands Prepatch – New Customization Preview
One of the most anticipated things coming with the pre-patch is a host of new customization options for our characters. Below is a highlight of the most impactful additions to each race and some previews. For a full extent of what is available, check out MrGM’s complete racial breakdown video playlist below!

New Character Creation Screen

New Character Creation Class Poses
Each class now has an animated pose on the character creation screen.

General Customization Changes for All Races

  • You can now change your appearance and gender a the barbershop.
  • Druids can change their shapeshift appearances at the barbershop.
  • Face options and eye color have been separated. You may now choose from a large amount of eye colors separate from your face, including blind options and scars for many races!
    • Nightborne seem to be the only race excluded from these options as of now.
    • Dark Iron Dwarves also did not receive this update as they only have one eye color option, being on fire!
  • Most of the core races have many new skin color options, faces, hair styles, and beards.
  • Bald option for all races and genders.



  • Addition of many face and skin color options to reflect much more diversity in appearance.
  • Addition of a face shape toggle – Narrow, Wide, or Long.
  • Male
    • Mustache, Beard, Sideburns, and eyebrows can all be customized separately with new options.
  • Female
    • Eyebrows can now be customized separately with new options.
    • Addition of Makeup, piercings, and necklace options.

  • Nightborne
    • No Changes
  • Highmountain Tauren
    • No Changes aside from eye color separation
  • Mag’har Orcs
    • Male
      • Ability to customize beard and sideburns separately
      • Tusk customization
    • Female
      • New necklaces and nose ring
  • Zandalari Trolls
    • Can customize ear gauges separately from earrings
  • Vulpera
    • No changes aside from eye color separation

Full Customization Videos
If you would like to view the full extent of the customization options available to each race, check out MrGM‘s video playlist below!