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Shadowlands Toys – Acrobatic Steward and Mirror of Envious Dreams, DLC #755

Shadowlands Toys – Acrobatic Steward
Shadowlands has added some interesting new toys if you know where to look. One such toy is the Acrobatic Steward. This toy functions very similar to the Stackable Stag toy, allowing multiple people to use the toy near each other and each steward will stand on top of one another!

This toy is found in chests across Bastion, specifically the Gilded Chests found in the Citadel of Loyalty in Northwestern Bastion or from the Silver Chests spread around the zone that can be unlocked by using a Ripe Purian at the bowls in front of them. They rotate each day and each chest does not have a 100% chance to contain the toy so happy hunting!

Shadowlands Toys – Mirror of Envious Dreams
Another toy in Shadowlands is much easier to obtain, but comes with the unique on-use effect that grants your character a buff that gives you either the appearance of your class’s tier 3, tier 6, or tier 20 armor set randomly for 15 minutes on a two hour cooldown.

The toy is called Mirror of Envious Dreams and is easily obtainable just by looting the Chest of Envious Dreams found in Pridefall Hamlet near the first flight point of Revendreth. Upon looting the chest, the ghost channeling on it will attack.

The coordinates for the chest are /way 69.28, 78.08.

Dark Legacy Comics #755
DLC #755 has been released!