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Shadowlands Week 2 – What to Do

Shadowlands Week 2 – What to Do
Today is the first reset since the launch of Shadowlands. Here is a quick overview of what you can do this week to prepare for the start of Season 1 and the opening of Castle Nathria.

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  • Complete both wings of Torghast available this week for a max of 610 Soul Ash.
    • Note – If you already unlocked Layer 3 in a wing last week you only need to do a layer 3 run in each wing this week for the max amount of Soul Ash.
  • You can earn 100 extra Soul Ash from a new quest offered by Bolvar to collect 10 souls within Torghast.
  • Wings
    • Fractured Halls
    • Mort’regar

Craft Your First Legendary

  • You can have a total of 1520 Soul Ash between last week and this week, with a small amount of extra if you managed to get some from your Adventure Table Missions.
  • To craft a rank 1 Legendary, you need the following:
    • The legendary recipe from obtaining the memory drop. Refer to the powers section of your adventure guide to find out where they drop.
    • The Base crafted piece obtained on the auction house or through crafting.
    • Missives to determine the stats of the legendary. These are also bought on the auction house of crafted by scribes.

Renown Weekly Quests

  • If you completed the initial campaign to unlock your Covenant sanctum and completed the weekly renown quest “Replenish the Reservoir” then you reached Renown Rank 3 with your covenant last week.
  • This week, you can reach Renown Rank 6 by completing both the “Replenish the Reservoir” to collect 1000 anima and “Return Lost Souls” to rescue 5 lost souls from the Maw. This will get you to Rank 5 and unlock the next chapter of your Covenant Campaign, which in turn will give you another Renown rank when you complete it.

Covenant Campaign Chapter 3

  • Upon reaching Renown rank 5 you will be able to continue the next chapter of your Covenant Campaign.
  • Completing this chapter will give you a renown rank and a cosmetic reward.
  • You will also unlock your 2nd soulbind by completing this chapter.

Oribos Weekly Quests

  • Be sure to pick up your two dungeon weekly quests for anima as well as the PvP weekly.
    • Dungeons
      • Sanguine Halls
      • Plaguefall
    • PvP
      • 1500 Honor in Epic Battlegrounds

Mythic Dungeon World Tour

  • With reset, all mythic dungeons can be completed again this week for a chance at 184 item level gear!