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Shadows Rising Novel – New Nathanos Excerpt, Nathanos World Event Boss, DLC #730

Shadows Rising Novel – New Nathanos Excerpt
Blizzard Watch has posted a new excerpt from the Shadows Rising Novel. The story snippet involves Nathanos and Sira looking for a way to kill “death”, which proves to be much harder than expected. Click here to read the whole excerpt. Story Spoilers!

As a reminder, Shadows Rising will be out in a few weeks on July 14. If you’d like to buy the novel, you can pre-purchase it on Amazon.

Nathanos World Event Boss
Nathanos has been spotted as a world boss in Eastern Plaguelands on Shadowlands Alpha. He appears to be near the Marris Stead, his old house, along with his hounds: Plaguefang and Blight-Howl. Based on this, the datamining, and the Shadows Rising Novel, it’s likely that Nathanos will be involved in the pre-patch event. A cinematic is also supposed to be played when he is brought down to 10% health, but it’s currently missing on Alpha.

Dark Legacy Comics #730
DLC #730 has been released.