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Soulbinds Updates – November 18

Soulbinds Updates – November 18

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With hotfixes to the Shadowlands Beta, we’re making some targeted changes to the Pelagos, Emeni, and Heirmir soulbinds.

One of our primary goals for the Soulbind system is to provide compelling choices and texture differences between Covenants as well as individual Soulbind trees. When one tree or trait is noticeably overperforming (or underperforming), it can distort those choices. These adjustments are intended to shrink the gaps that we’ve seen and make it easier for players to choose the Covenant and Soulbind they’re most interested in or best fits their playstyle.

  • Kyrian/Pelagos: Let Go of the Past now provides 1% reduced magic damage taken per stack, instead of Versatility.
    • The tooltip now reads “Using a spell or ability reduces your magic damage taken by 1% for 6 seconds. Using another spell or ability increases this amount by 1% when it is not a repeat of the previous spell or ability, stacking to 3%.
  • Necrolord/Emeni: Lead by Example now grants the soulbound player 2% additional primary stat per affected ally (was 5%), but will count all affected allies instead of just the first 2, and affects up to 4 nearby allies.
    • The tooltip now reads “Your Covenant class ability increases your primary stat by 5% and up to 4 nearby allies’ primary stat by 2% for 30.0 seconds. You gain 2% additional primary stat for each ally affected.”
  • Necrolord/Heirmir: Forgeborne Reveries, in addition to the existing post-death effect, will now also passively increase your primary stat and your armor by 1% for each enchantment on your armor, up to 3% if you have at least 3 enchanted armor items.
    • The tooltip now reads “Your primary stat and Armor are increased by 1% for each enchantment on your armor, up to 3%. Upon death your armor anchors your soul, allowing you to fight for an additional 10 seconds. During this time, your damage and healing done is reduced by 50% and you cannot receive healing.”

As always, your feedback is invaluable in helping us make these changes. Thank you!