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Sylvanas Encounter Doesn’t End at 50%, Echo’s Platform Strategy Hotfixed

Sylvanas Encounter Doesn’t End at 50%
Echo have brought Sylvanas down to 49.57% health, confirming that the encounter does not end at 50% health.

According to a hotfix implemented on July 6, it looks like the fight is supposed to end at 45% on Mythic difficulty: Sylvanas

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Effect #1 – TriggerSpellOnHealthBelowPct (1)

  • Value: 50
  • Value: 45 (Mythic Raid)

Echo’s Platform Strategy Hotfixed
After coming up with a plan to push for more damage on Sylvanas, Echo’s new platform strategy was quickly hotfixed.

In their new strategy, Naowh would go alone on the left platform in the last bridge split and survive tanking the Mawforged Colossus until Jaina teleported everyone to Oribos. This would let the rest 19 players save all their cooldowns for Sylvanas, instead of wasting them on adds.

After about an hour of using this strategy, Blizzard pushed a hotfix that makes the Mawforged Colossus get the Berserk buff after ~45 seconds. In the video below Naowh gets 1-shotted, and since there is no one else nearby, the Mawforged Colossus casts Hymn of the End and quickly wipes the raid.