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TBC Classic Deluxe Edition Rewards, Kingsmourne is Shalamayne Reforged, DLC #770

The Burning Crusade Classic Deluxe Edition Rewards
A new image featuring various Burning Crusade Classic rewards has been added in the recent TBC Beta Build. In addition to the rewards datamined last month (Warp Stalker Mount, Dark Portal Toy and Path of Illidan Toy), this new image also appears to feature a Level Boost and 30 Days of Game Time.

Kingsmourne is Shalamayne Reforged Confirmed
Steve Danuser has confirmed that Kingsmourne, the mourneblade wielded by Anduin Wrynn in the Chains of Domination Cinematic, is Shalamayne Reforged.

Dark Legacy Comics #770
DLC #770 has been released!