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The Archivist’ Codex 10k rep / hour, Desmotaeron Animaflow Teleporter, DLC #795

The Archivist’ Codex 10k rep / hour
Rextroy has made a guide showing how to farm 10k reputation per hour with The Archivist’ Codex. This is incredibly useful for anyone that wants to get the paragon mount (Tamed Mauler Harness), upgrade their conduits (Death-Bound Shard), or add sockets to their gear (Alloy-Warping Facetor).

In 9.1.5 they buffed the mobs inside the Rift in Korthia, they now drop Relic Fragments too! However most of them has quite poor droprate except the big elites called Famished Darkness. These has a similar loot table to rares in Korthia… The only difference is that they are much easier to farm, since there are a lot of them.

Their numbers are especially large in the Maw, which most people might not think about. You are also able to skip the root NPCs completely!

Depending on your Archivist’s tier, they will drop different amount of relics. However at tier 5 you quite often see 3-4 Perplexing Rune-Cubes or Tattered Fae Designs, granting 150 research each…

Also keep in mind you need to be tier 4 to be able to keep buying the Repaired Riftkeys, but it goes quite fast these days to reach 4, also the rares in Korthia has quite a solid key droprate

By forming a party of 5, I was able to grind about 9250 reputation in 1 hour and 5 minutes, by maximizing the route and RNG, you can definitely reach 10k reputation an hour without too much trouble…

The most important is that you are early to grind it, before more people figure it out and starts to farm the Darkness!

Desmotaeron Animaflow Teleporter Unlock Requirement
Blizzard has shared how to unlock the Desmotaeron Animaflow Teleporter.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
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Transport to SoD/World boss?

Just curious where this is. Read elsewhere you buy something off Venari, but she didn’t have any related items. My rep with her is maxed. But I didnt do all her quests. Is that the issue? Im up to rule 5

To be clear, the Desmotaeron Animaflow is available to any of your characters as long as one of your characters has the Sanctum of Domination achievement.

If for some reason it’s still unavailable, you may need to log in on the character with the achievement at least once.

Dark Legacy Comics #795: The Pirate
DLC #795 has been released!