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The Zovaal Shuffle Achievement, On the Offensive and Breaking the Chains Mount Reward

The Zovaal Shuffle Achievement
The Kyrian Assault has started in the Maw and with it, The Ember Count quest which is required to complete the achievement The Zovaal Shuffle is finally up.

To get the achievement you have to find Gubbins at one of the following locations, speak with him to get a Mawproof Parasol and then dance for 5 seconds near five different forges in Zovaal’s Cauldron. Note that taking damage from mobs removes your Mawproof Parasol, so first clear out the area to avoid any interruption.

/way 40 41 Gubbins
/way 35 43 Gubbins
/way 32 42 Gubbins
/way 36 36 Gubbins

On the Offensive Mount Reward
Players that have kept up with all the covenant achievements required for the achievement On the Offensive and have reached Exalted with Death’s Advance can purchase a covenant mount from Duchess Mynx in Korthia.

Since the achievement On the Offensive is currently not account-wide, obtaining all four mounts will require covenant swapping or completing the achievements on alts.

Breaking the Chains Mount Reward – Currently Bugged
With the completion of the achievement On the Offensive, players that have completed various achievements from Korthia have also earned the meta achievement Breaking the Chains which rewards the mount Hand of Salaranga.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is a bug at the moment and the mount is not being awarded to players.