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Torghast Focused Beta Testing, Shadowlands Beta – Build 36512 Class Changes

Shadowlands Beta – Build 36512

Torghast Focused Beta Testing

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When it comes to Torghast, we feel like we’ve found the fun, but we also want to make sure that difficulty tuning is where it needs to be. Over the next couple of days, we’d appreciate as many Beta testers as possible to venture into the tower and slay the Jailer’s forces … for science!

How to slay for science

  • Enter the Shadowlands Beta.
  • Select Oribos or The Maw as your realm.
  • Depending on your playstyle, create a new character using either the Shadowlands – L60 – Layer 1 or Shadowlands – L60 – Layer 4 template.
  • Shadowlands – L60 – Layer 1
    • This is meant to be your introductory run in Torghast, even if you’ve never set foot in there before.
    • While you’re expected to attempt Layers 1-3 using this template, if you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to attempt the harder Layer.
  • Shadowlands – L60 – Layer 4
    • If you’re a more experienced Torghast player, this should provide you with a reasonable level of challenge, but nothing insurmountable.
    • While you’re only expected to attempt Layers 4-6 using this template, if you’re feeling adventurous feel free to attempt the harder Layers.
    • You will also have an item in your bags that could come in handy during your run.
  • Once your character is created, hit “Enter World” and your character should appear at the Torghast lobby entrance.
  • Two portals will be available for you to choose from up ahead.

All you need to do to start a run is run up to the portal, select your desired Layer based on which character template you chose, and off you go!

Sending feedback for science

As always, when you’re done, please post your feedback in the Torghast feedback thread, and please answer any or all of the questions below:

  • Which portal did you choose and at what Layer difficulty?
  • How many players were in your group?
  • What Class & Spec did you and your group play as?
  • Did you successfully finish your run?
  • How many times, if at all, did you die?
  • How long did it take you to complete the run?
  • Were there any powers that seemed to have a major impact on your run?
  • Did any enemies or enemy abilities stand out to you as particularly troublesome?

Known issues

Due to an issue with how character templates work, if you change your character’s Specialization, your active Soulbind may disappear. To address this, a Forge of Bonds has temporarily been spawned in the Torghast entryway so that you can re-active it. You should only need to do this once, after which your activated Soulbind will persist.

Thank you very much!

Shadowlands Beta – Demon Hunter Class Changes

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We changed Fodder to the Flame in this week’s Shadowland Beta build.

The primary feedback we received concerning this ability was the constraint of the demon pool, particularly for Havoc. Though it is a considerable limitation to the ability, deciding where to place its benefit is a unique characteristic of the ability compared to the other Covenants.

But we realize that Demon Hunters do not want to be confined to a specific location for a long time. So, we’re shortening the duration of the pool and limiting its benefit to a damage reduction while increasing the offensive benefit of the Demon Soul.

Thank you for your feedback!

Shadowlands Beta – Hunter Class Changes

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We’ve seen a lot of feedback about the Trueshot ability and the lack of available Focus to use abilities. In this latest build of the Shadowlands Beta:

  • While Trueshot is active, all Focus generated is increased by 50% from abilities such as Steady Shot, and your passive Focus regeneration is also increased by 50% for its duration.

Shadowlands Beta – Priest Class Changes

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In this week’s build of the Shadowlands Beta, Necrolord Priests have learned a technique that allows them to hurl Unholy Nova onto a targeted enemy or ally up to 40 yards away. Unholy Nova’s healing and damage will now also be split among targets that are struck. The goal of these changes is to help Unholy Nova be more useful in various modes of content, to allow it to be a compelling choice compared to the other Covenant abilities.

For Shadow Priests, we have reverted some of the recent changes to Shadow Crash. As a result, it once again has 1 charge, 40 yard range, and its previous missile speed. We weren’t happy with how the 3 charges on the spell felt, and we saw feedback it wasn’t an attractive talent choice in the row. However, it has not been completely reverted to the old design – it now has a 30 second cooldown and deals much more damage. This should help balance it in the row, and allow it to stand out as a burst AoE damage option.

Thanks for all the feedback and testing so far!

Shadowlands Beta – Shaman Class Changes

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One quick Elemental Shaman change was made this week:

  • Echoing Shock (talent) can no longer duplicate the Venthyr Covenant ability Chain Harvest. The value of the talent combined with that Covenant ability were too strong together, so the interaction has been disabled.

For Enhancement Shaman, several numerical changes have been made to their base abilities to emphasize some abilities that aren’t performing as well as intended, and several adjustments have also been made to talents to help keep the value of talents on the same row much closer.

Some time ago, we made a change to reduce the effectiveness of all Maelstrom Weapon spenders by 50%, and we made the Maelstrom Weapon buff increase the damage or healing of these abilities by 20% per stack of the buff. This reduction has been reduced from -50% to -35%, which should increase the value and priority of your Maelstrom Weapon spending abilities. Additionally, Healing Surge is no longer affected by this -35% value anymore, but still retains the increased healing effectiveness and reduced cast time if you use the ability with stacks of Maelstrom Weapon.

Feral Spirits has been a damage cooldown for Enhancement for many years, but has been slowly pushed down to be less effective relative to your other abilities. In this build, we’ve:

  • Increased the attack power scaling of the Feral Spirit by 250%, to make it feel more impactful to use as a DPS cooldown.

Several talents have some number tweaks:

  • Forceful Winds Windfury damage bonus per stack has been reduced from 50% to 35%.
  • Ice Strike damage has been increased by 75%.
  • Lashing Flames has had its debuff duration increased from 12 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Hot Hand now also resets the cooldown of Lava Lash when the talent activates.
  • Elemental Blast has had its damage increased by 25% for Enhancement Shaman.
  • Hailstorm’s bonus damage to Frost Shock has been reduced from 35% to 15%.
  • Fire Nova’s damage has been increased by 75%

The conduit Essential Extraction has been redesigned in this build. The previous version both increased the damage of Fae Transfusion and reduced the total time it took to channel the ability. This was increasing the burst damage of a channeled ability to a point where it was becoming difficult to counter effectively, so we changed it to instead reduce the cooldown of Fae Transfusion from 25 to 40 seconds, depending on the conduit rank.

One final change made in today’s build is that the Night Fae covenant ability Fae Transfusion should now generate 3 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon when you fully channel the ability, up from 1 stack. This should offset more of the loss of melee attacks made while channeling the ability and also give a nice guaranteed way to generate Maelstrom Weapon stacks when needed.

WoW Patch 9.0.1 Hotfixes – November 4, 2020

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Allied Races

  • Fixed an issue where Kul Tiran Death Knights could not select a zone upon arriving in Kul Tiras.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Zidormi in Tirisfal Glades is now visible to new characters that have completed Exile’s Reach.


  • Chromie has identified level 50 players stuck in Timewalking Campaigns and will safely extract them the next time they’re in the open world so that they may queue for Battle for Azeroth dungeons.