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Val’kyr and Sinstone Toys Spotlight, The Shadowlands Launch Experience, DLC #754

Val’kyr and Sinstone Toys Spotlight
Two fun toys have been added in Shadowlands that function like the “little angel and devil on your shoulders” concept. Each toy can be used separately for good or bad advice, but they can be used together as well, causing them to interact with each other to give you some funny dialogue.

  • Bondable Val’kyr Diadem – This is obtained in the Temple of Humility in Bastion. You will find a Gift of Chyrus treasure that is locked until you /kneel in front of it to get the Proof of Humility buff.
    • /way 69.4 40.3 Anima Gateway
    • /way 70.5 36.5 Gift of Chyrus
  • Bondable Sinstone – This is obtained just south of Darkhaven in Revendreth. You will find a Taskmaster’s Trove that requires clicking the Ingress and Egress Rites object nearby. This will initiate an obstacle course of dodging balls to reach the trove.
    • /way 62.9 72.3 Ingress and Egress Rites
    • /way 62.8 75.3 Taskmaster’s Trove

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Angelis and Sinny Whispers

Angelis whispers: Who will you aid today mortal?
Sinny whispers: Aid? Mortal lets go pillage something nice for you.

Sinny whispers: What kind of trouble can we get up to?
Angelis whispers: Do not let him tempt you!

Angelis whispers: You jump a lot mortal, without wings that has to be bad for your joints?
Sinny whispers: I bet it does, but I can just rock with it…

Sinny whispers: You know, you jump a lot?
Angelis whispers: He does, doesn’t he, must be a thing with the wingless.

Angelis whispers: A righteous fight, may they know rest in an honorable death!
Sinny whispers: Righteous, hah! You stomped them!

Sinny whispers: Yes! Strike them down, now that one over there!
Angelis whispers: May your weapon only seek those deserving justice!

Angelis whispers: It is never too late to start down the path of righteousness!
Sinny whispers: And because of that, why not put it off until tomorrow!

Sinny whispers: What is one more sin? Come on!
Angelis whispers: This… this stone! It will lead you to disaster mortal!

Sinny whispers: You cannot let him get away with that, get them!
Angelis whispers: It was most likely a misunderstanding…

The Shadowlands Launch Experience
Captain Grim has released a hilarious World of Warcraft Machinima highlighting the Shadowlands launch experience.

Dark Legacy Comics #754
DLC #754 has been released!