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Where in Warcraft: Classic, Mogu’shan Palace Portal, Dog in Shadowlands

Where in Warcraft: Classic
Kruithne and Falerian have released Where in Warcraft: Classic.

Mogu’shan Palace Portal
A new portal now spawns when you defeat Vil’raxx, the final boss of the Assault: The Black Empire. This portal teleports you to Mogu’shan Palace, so you can quickly get to Lorewalker Cho to hand in the weekly quest.

Dog in Shadowlands
It looks like Dog will be coming to Shadowlands. To prepare for the new secret, make sure to unlock Dog in the Pet Menagerie from Dalaran.

Quick Guide

  • Reach 12600/21000 reputation with The Tillers in Pandaria, and then complete the quest Lost and Lonely.
  • Build the Herb Garden in your Garrison from Draenor, and Dog will join it.
  • Loot a Pebble from Dalaran and bring it to Dog in your Garrison. Check this map made by Kruithne to see the Pebbles’ spawn locations throughout Dalaran.
  • After you hand in the Pebble, you will now find Dog in the Pet Menagerie from Dalaran.