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World of Warcraft Bot Ban Wave, Users of iMorph & ConsolePort Also Affected

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World of Warcraft Bot Ban Wave – March 25, 2021
A ban wave has went out on March 25, targeting popular bots such as Wowadvanced and Minibot. According to sources in the community, the software owners knew that their tools were detected back in April, but chose not to share that info with anyone.

Due to the Policy Update for Input Broadcasting that made all command mirroring against the EULA three weeks ago, it looks like Blizzard can now ban botters on a larger scale much more easily.

iMorph and jMorph Suspensions
Players using iMorph and jMorph received 180-day bans, since software that changes the client-side character model is not allowed. Two years ago Blizzard reverted some of the suspensions, warning that future use of such software would result in increased penalties.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The use of third party software that modifies the World of Warcraft game client is against our Terms of Service. We expect players to remove such third party software, or their accounts will be subject to further action. Any future use of software that bypasses the security of the game client, regardless of intention or gameplay advantage, will be detected and sanctioned with increased penalties.

ConsolePort Suspensions – Some Bans Overturned
Players using ConsolePort have also received suspensions, most likely due to a false positive caused by WoWmapper, a tool that works with ConsolePort to bring controller functionality to World of Warcraft.

Many players have already been unbanned, while some of them are still waiting for an update on their appeals. Munk, the author of ConsolePort, has shared the following message in the ConsolePort discord server:

Originally Posted by Munk

This ban wave might be related to the issue with gamepad input causing DC when you have a high enough game refresh rate, or it might have to do with falsely flagging for multiboxing and their new policy on it.

Either way, this project is backed and acknowledged by Blizzard due to its impact on accessibility to otherwise unable players. I’m sure once they realize their mistake, this will all be reverted.

I do want to mention I’m not just speculating here and will let you know once I get the word back from Blizzard on what happened here.