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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Dragon Riding, Dracthyr Race and Evoker Class

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Dragon Riding, Dracthyr Race, and Evoker Class

New Race – Dracthyr

  • Dracthyr are a humanoid dragon race created by Neltharion.
  • The only class available to this race is the new Evoker class.
  • You can choose to be on Alliance of Horde.
  • You have a lot of customization for both your Draconic form and humanoid form.
  • Customizations include scales, colors, and even multi-colored hair.
  • Dracthyr will be able to use Dragonriding, as they have wings and will fly.
  • The Dracthyr starting experience will introduce you to the Dragonriding mechanics.

New Class – Evoker

  • Evoker is the new class available to only the Dracthyr race
  • Ability to wield the magic of all five dragon flights
  • Prismatic effect visuals show all dragonflight’s magics until condensing into one.
  • Wears mail armor.
  • Devastation is the ranged magical DPS spec. It focuses on Red and Blue magic.
  • Red magic is fast and explosive. (AOE)
  • Blue is more focused and overwhelming. (Single Target)
  • Preservation is the healing spec and focuses on Green and Bronze magic.
  • Green magic is typical heals.
  • Bronze magic speeds or winds up heals.
  • Empowered spells are a main part of the class, letting you hold down the button to channel before unleashing it to power up the ability.
  • The longer you channel, the more powerful the spell will be.
  • Certain abilities will let you fly around the battlefield while you cast.

New Way of Flying – Dragonriding

  • Dragonriding is a new flight system being added in Dragonflight.
  • This will be very unique compared to regular flying mounts.
  • You will level up this skill over time to get new animations and abilities.
  • The aim here is to shake up movement in WoW with things such as barrel rolls and speed bursts.
  • The system utilizes momentum, physics, and gravity.
  • Screen effects will indicate reaching certain speeds.
  • Players will unlock different cosmetic customizations for their dragon mount including different snouts, tails, wings, armor, spikes, and horns.
  • There are millions of combinations of drakes to choose from.
  • Continue to improve your Dragonriding skill at max level by hunting down ancient glyphs and advancing your new Dragonriding skill tree.
  • The denizens of the Dragon Isles will knock out inexperienced Dragonriders right out of the sky.
  • Players will use the space bar to take off and then use your height and speed to get as far as possible before landing.
  • Movement speed is much faster than existing flying mount speeds.
  • New zones were built larger to accommodate this new feature, as recent zones have been a little more cramped.
  • Players will be able to go through cloud layers, going faster and faster until they are creating contrails.
  • Dragonriding is limited to the Dragon Isles, as these are the zones that are built for it.